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Creative interpretations: Rocky Morning

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  • Creative interpretations: Rocky Morning

    A terrific photo by lesec GaÃtan.
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    Nice photograph selection Danny.

    Enhanced the colors using various blend modes. Continued to further enhanced colors using Nik filters (skylight, Sunshine and contrast).
    Used adapt.EQ to enhance the texture of the cabin, and painted out the areas that were blocky.
    To slightly blur the background and bring the rocker to the center of attention I painted a classical blur on the distant background with a soft brush.
    Selected an area with a high feather and copied to another layer.
    Created a blank layer and used layer styles to get a texture that seemed appropriate. Beveled and embossed the edges.
    Ran layer styles again to a lesser degree on the photograph selection.
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      Nice result LQQKER. I like the colors.

      In PSP8, I used one step photo fix to "improve" the color and contrast and smart blur to soften the image. Then copied it into a layer above the original in PS7. Added a mask and painted the chair back in. Then applied a canvas texture filter to the top layer, keeping the texture off of the chair. Flattened and saved. Unfortunately, I don't think this will show well because of the compression.

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        Love the effects Catia and LQQKER.

        Heres my attempt using Mystical TTC and PS Ink Outlines.

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          Interesting result Christine. Looks like a moon lit night. Where's Jason?



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            I feel like I’m falling into a rut because of late I have been using the same or only slight variations on pretty much the same technique. Maybe that’s what’s referred to as developing ones style. I don’t know…

            Anyway, a snapshot of the layers palette follows for anyone who wants the layer by layer details.

            Worthy of note (perhaps): Before getting into things I duplicated the background and dragged the top layer to the left a bit to get the rocking chair off dead center. Then I blended Background copy with the Background using a layer mask.

            The frame was created using an action written by Johny Akerlund (available here, where you’ll find interesting content about black and white and toning effects.

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              Layers palette snapshot attached...
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                LQQKER--very striking. I like the combinations in the image--rich color and meted tones--and the green texture at the edge blending in to the trees. Excellent as usual.

                C--the soft colors and soft texture are perfect for giving the impression of a misting morning.

                Christine--I wish you'd posted a larger version (my eyes see better big). I have a hunch I'd go wild on the texture I think I see in there. I've been playing with ink outlines lately too--I think it's a great discovery.

                Danny--if that's your style, it's a winner. Combining impressionist with other filters makes it even better.

                I started with my mixed bag action (detailed below), then changed the blending mode on the sketch layer to soft light. Put of dup of the original on the top and ran a gaussian blur sketch with that and set the blending mode to soft light.

                Mixed bag--Color layer--impressionist followed by paint engine. Sketch layer--buzz sketch followed by impressionist then paint engine. I use custom settings I've saved, but playing with different settings is fun to see what pops out.


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                  hopefully with the pic this time.
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                    Nicely done, Cheryl. I especially like the textured look. Definitely worth the multiple attempts!

                    Happy 2004!


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                      Jeff, the archive miner, at work again....

                      All of the other pictures are beautiful! I especially like LQQKER's.

                      Here's mine:
                      * VP Impasto
                      * Edge Preserving Smooth
                      * PhotoEffex Background Blur
                      * Multiply Layer with Xero LineArt
                      * PaintEngine Arctic (Effect ammount reduced to ~0.8)

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                        Very nice Jeff. I like the colors and the brush strokes.



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                          Thanks, Catia.

                          I like the way Virtual Painter renders colors, but not the way it leaves the textures. I usually spend some time re-doing things after VP, to make them look less like VP was used.



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                            LQQKER - great colors and the texture adds to the overall feel in this image. The frame feel you have added is a wonderful add.

                            catia - very warm and soothing result, colors are wonderful.

                            Christine - love the blue --- adds mystery, this came out very nice.

                            Danny - very nice result, and the off center is perfect.

                            Cheryl - always a pleasure to see your work, this is no exception!

                            Jeff - Very colorful and rich.

                            I duplicated original layer, then lasso on the chair copy and paste into new layer. Desaturate, find edges, add blur, Anisotropic, PE Borg. Desaturae the midle layer, used history brush (Wet Media) to add some color. Flatten, PE Arctic.
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                              Hi Guys!

                              I'm not sure that I understand this forum yet. Is it about how many filters etc you can use or are simple techniques that you think make an interesting pic valid? I've submited 2 pics. The first I stretched the photo to place the chair closer to thirds. Masked the chair and ran a slight radial blur to strengthen the chair and the sweep of the overhanging branches, then increased saturation. The second image I ran what I had done thru PhotoArtMaster. I tend to prefer the simplicity of the first but what do you think? I really like the variety I see here from everybody!

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