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Your best / Favorite Photo-art creation

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  • Your best / Favorite Photo-art creation

    Here's your chance to post your own favorite photo-art creations.

    Go ahead: Take a well-deserved bow.

    Last edited by DannyRaphael; 01-04-2004, 08:56 PM.

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    Here is my favorite, Millenium Bridge. Since I posted it previously, I have to give you the link (site rules).



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      Okay... let's try this again. A little forum software bug to start the new year right = no attachments. I think we're okay now.

      - - - - - - -

      This was one of my first attempts of using Photoshop and Corel Painter. I was trying to get a more of painted look using Painter's brush effects that I believe are more convincing than what can be achieved in Photoshop. It was a step closer to a place where I hope to someday arrive.
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        I guess my real favorite would have to be this collage of my 4 grandaughters.

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          three fine ladies

          This is my personal favorite of everything I've done so far. Was taken from a black and white engraving done in the late 1800s.

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            Let's revive this thread. There's been a lot of good stuff posted of late.

            How to do it:
            * Find your favorite attachment.
            * Open it.
            * Copy/paste the RetouchPRO URL## in a new post -or- upload a new, never been uploaded attachment.

            No need to provide "how to" details.

            ## To avoid future broken links, no URLs to images hosted outside of RetouchPRO, please.


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              Here's one.


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                Here's one I just finished as a favor for a friend. For someone who can't draw or paint worth a lick, I was pleased that she liked it.

                Photoshop, Impressionist plugin, Corel Painter (Grainy blender brushes and surface effects), Photoshop USM.

                Per original photographer request, this is not a Creative Portrait opportunity.

                So, no further manipulations on this one, please.
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                  Danny, I wish you would QUIT saying you can't draw or paint a lick. Drat it anyhoo. You often put the rest of us to shame.

                  Thanks to the creative minds who found a way for those of us who "can't draw or paint a lick" to explore the creative side of our natures.

                  There now, that is my two cents worth. And this is from someone else who can't draw or paint a lick (without computer aided programs that is).

                  Keep 'em comin' Danny.



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                    I 2nd that too!

                    Yes Danny

                    I second what Janet said!

                    Next time you say it we shall "MAKE" you pay for our tickets and we shall give you a Mancunian KISS!


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                      It's a fact that I'm truly challenged when it comes to drawing and painting. My children (now 8 and 6) have better developed skills than I do. My "stick figures" aren't even that good.

                      That's why it felt like a dream come true when I discovered a few years ago that one could digitally manipulate photos into "art." No paint, no supplies, no messy cleanup. Endless options, easy to change your mind (good for people who are undecided, like me) and easy to dispose of a creation if you don't like the result.

                      Your very kind words are humbling and truly appreciated, though.



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                        Mine is.........

                        My Favourite is this one...


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                          I did this one once.

                          Took a detail out of the original, did a lot of embossing en layering and merging layers and added lightening from below.

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                            I Love It, Titia!



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