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Creative interpretations: Horses on the Beach

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  • Creative interpretations: Horses on the Beach

    Another of Gavan's contributions.

    Don't get your feet wet!

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    My aim was to add a touch of evening color to the water, and then play with some textures. Used Hue/Sat to bring out the magenta, and upped the cyan and yellow also. Added a Craqelure layer, and used a layer mask to eliminate the texture from areas on the two riders. Added some layers and played with the Blending plus added a Render Lighting to give some stronger hint of the sun.
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      CJ - I really like the colors and the frame design that you used. The amount of effect seems to be just right for this particular image. The reflection is perfect. Very nice!


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        CJ, I really like your interpretation. The color changes really make it pop!

        For mine, I was just experimenting with a little of everything. I used buZZ, PaintEngine, and Impressionist. I think the final looks most like Impressionist, but they all touched it. Sorry I don't remember the steps.

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          Originally posted by LQQKER
          CJ - I really like the colors and the frame design that you used...
          Thanks, Jeff! Thanks, LQQKER! Means a lot coming from you.

          Jeff, I know how hard it is to keep track of all the steps (I left out some steps, also), but Impressionist sounds right -- a nice look.


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            I, too, especially like the framing which accentuates (and doesn't detract from) the overall very painterly effect.

            - - - -

            Jeff: The soft approach reminds me of foggy days at the Oregon Coast.

            - - - -

            Mine started with an experiment with a new action, whose results I didn't really like by themself (the layer above the BG), merged into layer C. So I started applying Virtual Painter effects copies of layer C and things began to improve quickly.

            As you'll see by the Layers Palette snapshot, I used the output of three VP filters (Gouache, Impasto and Oils), hopefully to disguise the unique, visual signature of each.

            To add a little detail around the riders and horses, Find Edges was applied to a copy of the original layer (moved above the VP layers) and blended in with a Layer Mask. The Hue/Saturation layer with Lightness setting of -36 toned down the dark lines of the Find Edges layer.

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