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Creative interpretations: Church in New Zealand

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  • Creative interpretations: Church in New Zealand

    A beautiful, peaceful, sunny day... Lots of opportunities for line and/or color emphasis. Photo by Dirk.

    Have fun creating!
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    I'm working on my pencil sketch look. This is the first time I've used Pattern Layers for this purpose (layers F, G) and I think they have promise.Thanks to Shan Canfield ( for planting that idea. In both I adjusted the pattern scales (made them smaller) so the textures were not too overwhelming.

    I converted layers F and G to regular layers by creating a layer below each and doing a Merge Down. This enabled me to rotate layer F a bit so the texture wasn't totally vertical (Select > All, Edit > Free Transform and drag the a corner handle.)

    On the next to the top layer I filled it with white then created a layer mask. I then chose one of the chalk brushes (a lot of texture) and set the opacity and flow to about 20% and turned on the Airbrush option. With the foreground color set to black, I started stroking back the detail -- switching back and forth between black and white and fiddling with opacity and flow -- until I thought it looked done.

    I have no idea whether all these layers are necessary. It's just how it worked out and I'm too tired to tinker with it further.

    I can assure you if you take an image of your own and apply the exact same combination of layers, blend modes, textures, opacities, etc., the results will NOT look the same as this, so don't be surprised, mad or disappointed. If you give this a go, you'll need to experiment (like I did). Hopefully you'll come up with a look you like. End of rant.

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      Danny, Beautiful pencil sketch! I'll have to take the time to see if I can duplicate it with PSP.

      The perspective distortion of this picture gave me a vague feeling of unease, so I decided to compound that for a very uneasy picture.

      * Duplicate layers
      * GrafficExtra Gothic on top layer (add grain & distortion)
      * Top Layer set to Overlay
      * Merge layers
      * Increase Gamma

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        A little playing around in PSP8. First a slight rotate and perspective adjustment followed by a crop. Then I applied the Xero Moonlight filter followed by Edge preserving smooth and brush strokes. Increased the saturation and shifted the hue towards red. Added a texture layer set to soft light and opacity to 50%.

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          I really like the different interpretations that have been done on this.

          This one is a combination of Four Seasons and Impressionist. Four seasons to change the sky followed by Impressionist watercolour.

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