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Actions: pOpArTiSt (Mike Finn)

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  • Actions: pOpArTiSt (Mike Finn)

    Called "pOpArTiSt"...

    It's pretty amazing and free. Find it at:

    ...bottom right corner.

    Have fun.

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    Re: Actions: pOpArTiSt (Mike Finn)

    I've tried everywhere, both on this website and by googling but can't find a single link that works to get to Mike Finns' actions. I keep getting 'cannot display this page'. I've found this one in several places--
    but keep getting the same error. Anyone have a suggestion?


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      Re: Actions: pOpArTiSt (Mike Finn)

      welcome to RP, millermuddle.

      i had no trouble reaching the page and the link and in getting the actions. internet pass-through can sometimes be difficult, particularly if you have dial-up. i dont know that you do or dont, but even broadband, at times, can be iffy. recently, in my area, for example, my connection to my isp was down for a day. no reason given; it was just down. i could reach one page and one page only. it happens.

      there are things that you can do, however. call your isp and make sure you're getting your full service and bandwidth. sometimes, if you're on dsl, you can ask for a diagnostics and a 'cleaning'. cleaning just means having the isp check the phone connections for noise and other irregularities. you can also do a tracert to your destination and see if it's possible to connect. this can sometimes tell you if it's your pass-through that's screwing up, or something on your computer and can even tell you where the pass-through is screwing up. and then, the simplest thing, is to just persist. try and try again. try at different times of the day and night. sometimes sites are taken down or go down temporarily. so, just persist. you shld be able to get it at some point.


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        Re: Actions: pOpArTiSt (Mike Finn)

        Welcome from me too, MM...

        I can also confirm the link to Mike's site works.

        I hope Craig's stellar advice helps. [thx Craig]


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          Re: Actions: pOpArTiSt (Mike Finn)

          I can vouch (just a check) that I could not get to the site yesterday when this post caught my eye (use Charter). Today, it works. Maybe it will now work for you too Miller.


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            Re: Actions: pOpArTiSt (Mike Finn)

            Thanks everyone!
            I've been out of town and just got back. Read your replies and tried again. Went straight to the site and was able to download with no problem. I wouldn't have tried again after all the frustration and time I spent before trying to get the download. Sure appreciate the feedback