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Creative interpretations: Flowers - Tulips in the Shade

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  • Creative interpretations: Flowers - Tulips in the Shade

    Kind of a moody picture, don't you think?

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    You're right--it's a great play of light and shadow. Lucis art and some texture.
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      The door handle bugged me so I removed it. Ran Angled strokes twice, once at 5,5,3 and the second time at 85,5,3. Added texture, frame, and watermark.

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        Cheryl I'll have to get me those Lucisart filters! Nice!

        Mine is a combo of PMart Gallery hand drawing, VP pointillism, and a couple other things.

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          I can see I should have framed my submission--it really makes a big differnce. Nice drop shadow effect C.

          Amy--lovely pastels. The pointillism really added a nice effect.


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            Well this guy doesn't feel like a sissy doing one on tulips! Ran a VP Watercolor followed with PS Filters Other Minimum set to 1.


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              Very nice creations so far, gang. You're definitely getting into the Spring spirit.

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              RE: "PMart Gallery hand drawing"
              That's a new one on me. Can you post a link to wherever you found it.



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                PM Art Gallery comes as plugins or a stand alone program. Stand alone has a couple more filters.




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                  Two copies in XaraX - larger copy 75% transparent blended with a 10 step blend to the smaller non transparent copy.

                  2nd image cloned picture and flipped clone horizontally, made into a Xara brush and applied to a circle.

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                    Lots of beautiful work here!

                    For mine, I increased saturation, ran Xero-Lineart, and then texturized the background.

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                      The other day Greg said he was inspired while chowing down on a pizza, so I thought I'd give it a go. Sure goos up the keyboard, though.

                      This is a mishmash of layers (again), including:
                      * Find Edges (darken) for line detail.
                      * Smart Blur/Edges Only (inverted) + multiple applications of Stylize > Diffuse > Ansiotropic alternated with Unsharp Mask (more line detail)
                      * Virtual Painter Collage, with the black lines lifted out and put on a separate layer. (Set the foreground color to black and Select > Color Range will create the selection. Layer > Layer by cut separates the black from the pretty colors.) Used Dust and Scratches on what was left of the color to soften the edges a bit.
                      * Duplicated this layer and applied Virtual Painter Watercolor and set the blend mode to Exclusion.
                      * Used layer masks on the Find Edges, Smart Blur/Edges only, and isosated Collage black lines to blend in the edge detail. I was almost finished with the pizza so it was time to finish up.
                      * Used a Hue/Saturation adjustment layer to crank up the saturation and added a white and black stroke border.

                      I wonder what this will look like to me in the morning?

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                        tulips posted

                        Check out the gallery:

                        Removed bg. Added pattern,noise,g. blur to bg. Same with flowers. Then added a condensation action to top. kiska

                        = = = = =
                        Added gallery link. ~Danny~
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                          Welcome to RetouchPRO, kiska. Your soft, delecate touch works well on this one. Thanks for sharing your creativity.

                          Look forward to seeing more of your works in the future.