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Creative interpretations: Neon Theater

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  • Creative interpretations: Neon Theater

    Bet the popcorn's good, here.

    Looks like a great candidate for a little Mike Finn pOpArTist action treatment, ya think?

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    A mishmash of layers combined using layer masks and blend modes:
    * Mike Finn's pOpArTist action (
    * Virtual Painter 4 Gouache
    * Virtual Painter 4 Airbrush (a new effect)
    * Merged all layers and appied Photoshop's Ocean Ripple filter
    * Topped with a Hue/Saturation adjustment layer for a huge dose of Saturation

    For those of you who remember Jimi Hendrix, that's his classic "Purple Haze" you hear playing in the background.

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      Incredible eye candy Danny! Well done! I had a straight pOpArTist that pales by about 400% to yours but I kinda like a stark rendition I did with Sketcher followed by pOpArTist.

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        This one was fun to play with.

        Danny--the color grabbed me first. I like the blocks of color mixed with the heavy lines for the strong lines in the photo.

        Duv--love the black and white. Losing the color draws attention to the lines and curves in the photo.

        I played with the image in the lucis filters for a little bit and merged the result. Made 2 dupes and ran one through nik-midnight and the other through nik-monday morning. Played with blending mode and then merged. Made a dupe and took the copy into flaming pear's lacquer. Merged, made a copy--ran glowing edges. Changed blending mode. Topped with pattern fill layers in soft light.
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          For neons I used solid,pattern, gradient fills. Gradient map then blend modes.

          Cheryl, couldn't use those filters. Same for the impressionist thing, i guess. I've got a mac. Ah, well. LOVE your theatre!

          SCRATCH the images. The save the web page, lower left corner says these 2 images are 77kb. The upload says 147 and 157 ( after three 'shrinkings' ).UNCLE.
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            This is mostly xero abstractor with the color set high, and a couple other things I can't remember.

            I really like your work, Cheryl!

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              kiska--oops, I forget about you mac people. It's interesting how your different versions emphasize different parts of the image.

              Amy--I haven't played with the abstractor before. I like the result.

              I was pleased enough with what lucis did to this to try the same steps I used on several other images. This was the only image it looked right on.


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