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Creative interpretations: Parrot

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  • Creative interpretations: Parrot

    Pretty bird, don't you think? Bet he (she?) has lots of things to say.

    1 : any of numerous widely distributed tropical zygodactyl birds (order Psittaciformes and especially family Psittacidae) that have a distinctive stout curved hooked bill, are often crested and brightly variegated, and include some excellent mimics
    2 : a person who sedulously echoes another's words
    - parrot adjective

    Who says you don't learn things by doing this challenges?

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    I did a lot of experimenting and undoing on this one, but around 90% of the finished image came from this: Dup the background and ran VP air brush. Duped that and ran buzz simplifier. Duped that layer and ran a modified buzz ink stack. Blended those 3 layers together. Decided the background had gone too dark. Made a new background and ran the same steps on it--added a little nik midnight. Masked the bird back in. Topped with a pattern fill layer in soft light.
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      Parrot posted. Work order:
      BG layer
      Filters: Poster
      Ink outline
      Action: Gouache, Dave Jaseck
      Glow, Feivel
      Select BG, pattern,screen
      BG, H/S, normal,60%

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        Kiska--awesome job on the parrot! Great style for this image.


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          I agree. Nice job Kiska! Cheryl, giving this beautiful bird an irridescent glow really works!

          I did a Find Edges, sharpened, then copied and pasted back into original. Duplicated and Multiplied twice. Made a curves adjustment then ran Xero Radiance.

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            I've named the bird Elvis!

            I duplicated image and turned it b&w - lowered b&w opacity to mute colors. Merged layers. Created another duplicate and did a Gaussian blur. Applied filter, Difuse, lowered opacity. Picked out highlight colors and repeated last steps. Created a vignette around the bird. Painted with a small brush around the bird and adjusted curves, hue/sat and blending modes.

            Velvet Elvis!
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              Thanks, Duv and Cheryl. Ya'll's parrot portraits are right on.
              Answer to Harry's request for parrot details. To the best of my feeble memory. I use a mac. You will ave to translate key strokes. Hope this is not overly simplified.

              Open image
              Copy bg to layer (com+J)
              poster-your settings
              Name poster lay & copy (com+J)
              Ink Outline on copy
              Com+J (this lay now has poster&ink combo)
              Com+J-top lay now has all 3 filters
              Actions: these were free on the net. If you want I will attach, IF that is proper as they are not my creations. don't know.
              Dave Jaseck gouache painting
              Feivel's gothic glow
              Com+J All lays now combined AND separate to use individually or to manipulate as you like. Or if you want each filter or action to stand alone, make a dup of bg before each filter/action change.
              Select the parrot (I think I used color range)
              Save select
              Com+J select to own lay
              Go back to top combo lay
              Load parrot select
              Invert select
              Com+J this inverted select (bg) to own lay
              Move parrot select above bg select
              Make bg select active
              I used a pattern and blend modes for this new Bg.

              I hope that's it or close. kiska


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                Re: Creative interpretations: Parrot

                What a Pretty Polly

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                  Parrots on Parrot.

                  Didn't do that good of job of extracting the parrots off of many thumbnails that I could find, but still having fun with my new toy for creating this one. Attached is an extremely low quality crop. Here's the hires full version.
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