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Creative Interpretations: Ghost Town

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  • Creative Interpretations: Ghost Town

    Found this neat pic on Print Master, of all places.

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    Here are two versions. Wagon-desat,ink outline,displacement map at multi,copy displace. at screen, copy displace. at dissolve, agate gradient at multi. Wagon 1- desat, curves, posterize, watercolor action, posterize at overlay, select color layer, copy this lay and set at soft light. kiska
    Images won't go. I'll try later
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      Great photo, but more challenging than I thought it would be.

      Kiska--the first one has a great haunted feel to it. The second one puts me in mind of summer heat in the desert.

      On the first one I tried to follow my notes on the neon diner--I must have missed writing it all down. Started with lucis art, went to nik midnight, then flaming pear's lacquer and ended with glowing edges.

      On the second, I started with flaming pear's Mr. Contrast, then paint engine, and then a little nik midnight.

      Hmm--doesn't seem to want the attachments. I'll try and add them later.
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        Cheryl, I've been having a hard time posting images too. Save for web says they're under 100kb, but when I try to upload, I'm told they're way over. Frustrating. You saw the images the way I intended. One spooky, one hot. Thanks. kiska


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          Filters used were Nik skylight, Sunshine and Contrast, Buzz, lacquer and adapt.eq.
          Made several Hue & Sat adjustments as an adj layer.
          Used layer styles for edges.
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            LQQKER--Beautiful. It's always a pleasure to see your work.


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              Some interesting ideas coming out here.

              My effort:
              Xero Line Art
              Xero Moonlight
              Xero Line Art again
              VP Oil Paint
              My own texture.

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                ghost town

                I started with two copies of the image. One I used VP's new embroidery filter on, the other I used Xero lithograph. Merged the two on average and then sepia toned it and played with the contrast and saturation.

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                  Nice pic to work with, Amy. Share others of yours in the future, would ya?

                  - - - - - -

                  Per Cheryl's suggestion I tried the Buzz Ink stack and applied VP Oil Painting to it. Then I stopped keepng track, tweaking and piddling until it was time for lunch -- a natural stopping point.

                  This is sure fun!
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                    Superb picture to paint...

                    I am bumping this up for our budding ATMOSPHERE members, see what you can come up with this picture!


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                      Ghost Town Coloured Pencil

                      Hadn't spotted this before, thanks! Gave me another chance with Painter's Fine Round Gouache. Great for pencil sketches. Finished off in PSP. Took 1-1/2 hours.
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                        Neve -- like it a lot -- keeps the old-time look to it.


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                          Hi CJ - much appreciated. I did try to sepia it afterwards as that's appropriate too however it didn't work well on this oddly enough after working in Painter. If I'd done sepia prior to Painter on the original, that would've worked alright I believe.


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                            Hi Amy,

                            Here's my attempt at a real "Ghost Town":

                            Hope you like it


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                              Your on a roll i see...Nicely done!

                              Neve superb pencil drawing!!!