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Creative interpretations: Portrait - Derrick at the Beach

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  • Creative interpretations: Portrait - Derrick at the Beach

    Nothing like a kid with a shovelful of sand.

    Taken at the Oregon coast by our friend, Jill.

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    I'm still fiddling with sketch effects. I created the basic outline in Photoshop (Find Edges + Levels + Anisotripic + Unsharp Mask) and saved the file.

    Opened the saved file with Painter 8, cloned the original image and used the Conte: Dull Conte 22 (modified) and Pencil: Thick and Thin Pencil variants in color clone mode to recreate the sketch. Saved, closed and opened in Photoshop. Copied the Painter rendered layer back into the original image.

    Duplicated the background layer two more times:
    * Desaturated one layer and applied Photoshop's Colored Pencil
    * Used Impressionist Conte: Smudged Monochrome on the other for the background and a little overall texture

    Used layer masks and blend modes to combine sections of each layer.

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      What a darling redhead! Smoothed artifacts, ran USM, aniso, curves, lighting and levels in PS. Ran Virtual Painter Oil Paint. Painted over background and other areas in PS. Applied various textures.

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        What a wonderful example of making a Virtual Painter rendition not look like a Virtual Painter rendition. Did you manually smooth the 'brush marks' or did the texture application accomplish that?

        Bravo. Sure glad you're checking back in once in awhile. Your creativity is always welcome and appreciated.



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          Shari gave me an idea... "What would Virtual Painter do if it only had a BW sketch to work with?" I got a pleasant surprise.

          This is mostly...
          * Duplicate Background
          * Desaturate
          * Find Edges
          * Image > Adjustment > Levels to get rid of some noise
          * Clone out some distracting blobs
          * Stylize > Diffuse > Anisotropic (twice)
          * Unsharp Mask
          * Virtual Painter > Oil Painting (all settings at their lowest values)

          The VP filter gave it kind of a smudged look which I liked.

          Cleaned up a few more blobs here and there by cloning or airbrushing over them. Cropped ala Sheri and added a stroke frame.

          Thanks for the jolt of inspiration, Sheri! I needed that.

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            Shari--that is awesome. The image enhancements and the artistic effects are both excellent.

            Danny--I agree--virtual painter does great things to sketches.

            Two layers here. On the bottom layer painted with the art history brush. On the upper layer, created a gaussian blur sketch and then ran through VP pastel. Set blending mode to overlay.
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              boy with shovel

              Ran VP collage on one image, then xero lineart, and merged them. Then I ran VP oil painting on the entire thing and softened it.

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                First I made a sketch by duplicating image, greyscale, invert, high pass, color dodge. Then I painted over it with a brush and almost closely matched colors. Layer original copy over, multiply at 50% opacity. Merge. Smudge, and clone tool. Texture from trimoon's collection of art paper.
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                  Congratulations everyone on very fine results! A joy to view. This isn't my idea at's from a PS Tutorial "The Gift Shop" which works well converted for use in PSP8.01.

                  Duped original layer
                  2nd Layer - Xero Pastellise
                  Show All Mask - Paintbrush (streaky?) Dissolve on lowered
                  opacity to reveal the colours underneath. Merged when
                  happy and added a couple of tubes.
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                    wonderful photo

                    but i rather interpreted the sand as blueberries
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                      Took a tip from Shari and cropped image. (Thank you Shari)
                      On duplicate, first simplifier, then virtual painter - pastel. Reduce opacity. Selective color - many diff settings to change and enhance colors. Eliminated rocks in backgr and added a wave. Some handwork with smudge tool (soft edges), cloning, watercolor brush. Sandstone texture.
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                        i like this picture


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