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Creative interpretations: Ireland - Moment of Reflection

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  • Creative interpretations: Ireland - Moment of Reflection

    A photo of his daughter taken by John O'Galway.

    Happy creating.

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    To get the girl to a more pleasing position (in my opinion):
    * Duplicated the Background
    * With the move tool, moved the new layer up and to the left a bit
    * Then did quite about of reconstruction to blend the two layers back into one

    Added a Hue/Saturation adjustment layer and fiddled with increased saturation. Airbrushed black over the skin areas to negate the saturation boost there.

    Merged visible and applied Virtual Painter Oil Paint. Duplcated the VP layer and applied VP Oil Paint two more times, which really blurred things up.

    Added a hide all layer mask (Layer > Add Layer Mask > Hide all). Airbrushed the layer mask with white just about everywhere except the girl. This left her relatively detailed while revealing the blurry top layer just about everywhere else.

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      Pleasant photo.

      Curve adjustment.
      Adjusted the colors and Hue & Sat.
      Simplified the image lightly.
      Soft emboss.
      Added some texture with Flaming pear filters.
      Added paint engine texture to smooth out.
      Inserted a blue gradient for the sky.
      Used Nik filters to enhance colors.
      Made hue & Sat adjustment
      Adjusted contrast.
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        LQQKER--I don't have the vocabulary to express what a wonderful job you did on this. I guess I'm left with offering an ineloquent, but sincere, WOW. Your work is always great, but this is really something--even for you.


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          Duplicated layer
          Paint engine bad chalk
          changed layer mode to hard light.

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            Absolutely Amazing LQQkER !! -


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              I was inspired by LQQKER!

              Slight crop
              boost saturation with Xero Art Grain
              Paint Engine on various selections. What I remember:
              * Artic for sky
              * Pastel variations for land
              * little waves for water
              Clean up around girl's face where PE moved color

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                Looks likes paint engine is the tool of choice for this one

                I put a copy of the girl on a different layer to help keep her "clean." Played around with the color in nik and with adjustment layers, then ran the background through impressionist followed by paint engine (one of my favorite combos).
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                  Tried to create more of an Emerald Isle look.

                  Gothic Glow, adjusted Opacity
                  Curves adjustment
                  Saturated image with Sponge
                  Ran D'Amico Perry - Luce filter
                  Xero Soft Mood
                  Xero Seasons
                  Replace Color
                  Cropped image putting girl in stronger 1/3 position.

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                    I've been struggling with this one all morning. From what I can remember:
                    blank layers to colorize
                    painting and texture filters


                    Will upload later
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                      Re: Creative interpretations: Ireland - Moment of Reflection

                      What a beautiful picture!
                      I adjusted the layers, increased brightness/saturation, levels, added contrast with free plugin "contrast mask", new white layer, Wow AHB on pastel, blended with previous layer.
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                        Re: Creative interpretations: Ireland - Moment of Reflection

                        Sylvia that is lovely I havent used the wow brushes much will have to have a look at them in the near future you have inspired me

                        What a beautiful photo surprised so few attempts will have to find time over the weekend for this one

                        LQQker excellent



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                          Re: Creative interpretations: Ireland - Moment of Reflection

                          An absolutely gorgeous photo.

                          No way to make it any better IMHO, but here is some messing around.

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                            Re: Creative interpretations: Ireland - Moment of Reflection

                            Can't wait to see yours, Pam!
                            Excellent job, Steve!!!


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                              Re: Creative interpretations: Ireland - Moment of Reflection

                              Fantastic capture, but, I like to play.
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