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Creative interpretations: Cambridge University - Going to Class

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  • Creative interpretations: Cambridge University - Going to Class

    Interesting photo taken by Gavan at Cambridge University.

    It should make for some interesting creations.


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    Even if I were bright enough I'm sure I'd feel a little intimidated the first day going to Cambridge.

    Flaming Pear: India Ink: Noise
    Masked and applied Radial Blur

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      I hate spiders!!

      - found spider, cut from background, used hue/saturation to kinda match uni building.
      - added bit of a drop shadow
      - Flaming Pear Flood

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        Duv, the radial blur is very effective. I played around with that a bit myself.

        Brad, the spider is very well executed! The water level looks a little "off" to me though. It looks the edge of the water is right where the guy is walking, yet it is up to his knees at that point, which doesn't make sense. If he were really at the edge of the water, then it would be down below his ankles. If on the other hand he were further back in the water, then the water would extend past his knees in the background of the photo. I've found the Flood filter to be a lot of fun, but hard to work with if there is any sort of depth to the photo I'm applying it too. I've gotten around it by running the filter on two different layers and masking, but it's a pain!

        I was supposed to pay bills tonight, so of course when this image was posted it looked like a lot more fun!

        1. Used the Russell Brown method to turn the photo to B&W.
        2. Hue/Sat adj layer set to colorize to give the image a sepia tone. Used a luminosity mask to reduce the effect on the highlights.
        3. Auto FX Dreamy Photo filter.
        4. Film Grain filter (4/0/4).
        5. Nik Abstract Efex Solarization filter
        6. Created the edge by using a layer mask and blurring the edge, then running the Brush Strokes/Splatter filter on the mask.

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          Hey Jeanisea - thats a very nice 'interpretation'. Very calming.

          My flood was just a quick addition. The reason I'm here today is because I helped the person that introduced me to retouching use the flood fill to mimic a toe being dipped. It looked fabulous!! Yes, very time consuming but it was worth it.



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            going to school

            I was playing with Picture Man Art Gallery-the program, not the plugin. It has more filters. Took one image and ran buzz, then PMAG Patches, ThenTook the buzzed copy and ran the PMAG hand drawing, then buzzed THAT again, and merged the two images.

            Kinda neat. The original unshrunk version is nicer.

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              nice technique, amy! I'll have to check out that program you used...

              here's mine, roughly:

              added color to create grass
              copy layer
              virtual painter collage, blend at 30ish, i think
              paint engine to soften the image
              canvas texture

              there might be a step or two in there that i've forgotten... sorry!
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                I used:
                Sheri's cs sketch
                Mythical lighting
                Photo filter

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