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Tutorial: Polar Coordinates to vary stroke direction (Fluff)

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  • Tutorial: Polar Coordinates to vary stroke direction (Fluff)

    We've all seen the results of filters and plugins like Paint Engine, Virtual Painter, Impressionist, Dry Brush, etc.

    Have you noticed that most of the output seems, umm, 'linear' - all the strokes in one or at most 4 directions?

    Try this:
    * Before applying the arty filter. apply Filter > Distort > Polar Coordinates > Rectangular to Polar
    * Apply your filter of choice
    * Now apply Filter > Distort > Polar Coordinates > Polar to Rectangular

    You'll find the "arty filter" strokes going in many directions!!!!.

    Drawbacks: The edges get ragged: Rectangular to polar then polar to rectangular works. The opposite sequence messes up the edges, too.

    Another thing to try:
    * Rectangular to polar
    * Apply your arty filter
    * Then the Wave filter with with one generator (very low amplitude)
    * Finish up with polar to rectangular again.

    Are we having fun yet?
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    Here's an example of playing around with this technique...

    [Additional tip - to prevent too much fubar, before distorting the image I duplicated it, increased image size to 120%, then shift-dragged the original image's background layer so that it was centred on top of the new, bigger image and flattened the layers. Then I did the distort -> apply filter -> distort back, and then I cropped it back down to the size of the original image again.]

    What we have here is, on the left, the image done with the Virtual Painter Colored Pencil plugin. On the right I have layered three images together - the bottom layer is the image after distorting rectangular to polar, applying the same Virtual Painter settings, and distorting back polar to rectangular; the middle layer is the image done with "straight" Virtual Painter (i.e. the same as the image on the left), at 50% opacity; and the top layer is the image after distorting polar to rectangular, applying the same Virtual Painter settings, and distorting back rectangular to polar, at 36% opacity.

    I used a little bit of layer masking on the various layers - to deal with the bits that had been fubar in spite of my best endeavours, and to tidy up some areas which didn't quite align - but the whole process was really very quick and, I think, gives a much less "computerised" effect than a vanilla plugin or filter.
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      <Leah like my fubar it seems LOL!>

      That's a good image to show the effect. Notice how the line in the 'brella are curved, in different directions, like a hand artist would do.

      The technique works well for virt painter and PE filters. AND the standard photoshop filters that only have topleft/topright/etc can now have multi angles. Also p-r/r-p is a quick filter.

      I like your idea of multi layer transparencies too. I'll have to incorporate that.


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