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Creative interpretations: Train Amtrak at Eugene, Oregon

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  • Creative interpretations: Train Amtrak at Eugene, Oregon

    Here's another for the train fans among us. This city (Eugene, Oregon) is about 300 miles south of where I live. This train travels back and forth between Los Angeles, California and Seattle, Washington.

    "All aboard."

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    Started out by duplicating the Background and desaturating it. Duplicated the desaturated layer, CTRL + I (to invert), changed blend mode to Color Dodge and applied Gaussian Blur (high radius value). Created a new layer and merged visible (Alt + Layer > Merge Visible). Duplicated this layer and set blend mode to Multiply and applied Layer > Merge down to combine these two. This was the base sketch layer.

    I duplicated the desaturated copy of the Background several times and applied various filters to each layer (see below). Then, using layer masks and various blend modes, I selectively applied bits and pieces of each layer to the image. (Note: These effects are not listed in layer stack order; see layers palette snapshot for details.):
    * Photocopy [Darken]
    * Smart Blur/Edge Only (inverted) [Darken]
    * Find Edges
    * Charcoal
    * Impressionist: Pencil Sketch-Detailed Monochrome
    * Impressionist: Pencil Sketch-Detailed Monochrome (custom setting for fine detail, short brushstrokes). E-mail me if you'd like the custom brush .set file.

    Hope you have as much fun experimenting and exploring as I did on this one.

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      I used the blue and green channels in the RGB. Replaced the green chan with the bkack from a cmyk copy of orig. image. The rest is in the layers palette below.

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        The cropping really works, as does the channel maneuvering to achieve the coloring.

        Very creative results, K.


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          Kiska--I agree with Danny. That's a great crop.

          Danny--Your presets are great. I've had some fun with them.

          Buzz gloss stack (modified)
          select black and invert selection
          paint in with history brush
          impressionist (seaweed)
          paint engine (bad chalk)
          select inverse
          VP gouache
          created brown canvas layer and erased to reveal painting--play with blending mode
          pattern fill layer--soft light
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            They all look good

            I was looking for a project in the wee hours so played with this,,, I didn't really look at the others until now ...all nice... and all so different..

            besides color and levels adjustment this is mostly Just the charcoal etching filter on the top layer reduced to 55% opacity...

            not quite ready for sleep I drug out "extenis photo frame" and finished it.
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