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Creative interpretations: Baseball - Big Swing

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  • Creative interpretations: Baseball - Big Swing

    Great shot by R.Hall of his son takin' a BIG swing (and connecting). Too bad about the red blanket (or jacket) behind the fence, but maybe you can splice a section of fence over it.

    Batter up!

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    This one is based on Mike Finn's (free) "watercolor" action available here:

    Before applying the action, I masked out the background.

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      I'm having a blast experimenting with mosaic tile-like Impressionist custom styles, which I'll post one of these days when I get a couple more defined.

      How to:
      * Duplicate Background + applied an artistic filter of choice (Note: Even though you don't yet have the custom Impressionist style I used, you can try other Impressionist styles or Photoshop filters until you come up with a something you like.)
      * Duplicate Background again. Drag to top of layer stack.
      * Photoshop Stylize > Find Edges
      * Image > Adjustment > Levels to eliminate some of the noise
      * Change layer blend mode from Normal to Multiply. Lines were not dark enough.
      * Duplicated the Find Edges layer three times until lines were dark enough.
      * Turned off Background and Impressionist-rendered layer.
      * Clicked on one of the Find Edges layers (any one).
      * Layer > Merge Visible. This combines the Find Edges layers.
      * Find Edges layer: Again change layer blend mode from Normal to Multiply. (Note: Depending on the look you're going for, sometimes Overlay works, too.)
      * Find Edges layer: Add layer mask. Paint black on layer mask in areas whose effects you want to suppress.

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        Very cool Danny! Going to play around with that myself.
        Did some Motion Blur on the player, more on the torso, less on the head and legs. Ran Impressionist djr24 88%/95%/104

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