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Creative interpretations: San Diego Market

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  • Creative interpretations: San Diego Market

    San Diego is a lovely California city on the Pacific Ocean, just north of the U.S./Mexico border. This photo by T.Hinov is of one of the local fresh produce markets.

    Happy creations.

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    Rough pastels, poster edges filters, faded
    Painter- driving rain autoclone
    PS- selective sharpening
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      Driving rain autoclone? It doesn't (usually) rain in California!

      On mine... Three layers rendered by Impressionist styles (no setting changes... just the defaults) on copies of the Background.
      1. Charcoal: Default (add a "hide all" layer mask)
      2. Conte: Faithful (add a "hide all" layer mask)
      3. Pencil Sketch: Soft Detailed

      Starting with layer 2, set foreground color to white, choose Brush tool, turn on airbrush option, Flow ~ 30%, Opacity ~ 60%, click on the layer mask thumbnail to activate the layer mask and start airbrushing to gradually reveal some of the rough strokes of layer 2. Then, repeat these steps on layer 1 to "fill in any holes" you deem necessary.


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      Last edited by DannyRaphael; 07-15-2004, 04:21 PM. Reason: Clarify steps.


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        Well done Kiska and Danny! Great Results - I've kept a note of your method Danny thank you and will try out next month (taking off for a few weeks soon) so I'm enjoying a flurry of creative activity just now before I go....
        hence so many posts from moi at the moment!

        I really love photos like this and this technique brings out the smallest details in the background so had to try it out again on this photo.


        Script - One Step Photo Fix
        Increased Saturation
        Duped bottom layer
        2nd Layer - Applied filter - IP Process/Adapt Equalize/Default
        Duped 2nd layer
        3rd Layer - Applied Filter - PhotoWiz/Luma Negative - Default
        3rd Layer Blend Mode Soft Light 100%
        Merged all - auto contrast applied
        Dupe bottom layer
        2nd Layer - Mode - Dodge 35%
        Merged all.
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          Nice art everyone!! Here I was trying the aniso+ Adapt Equal............
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