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Creative interpretations: Flowers - After the Rain

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  • Creative interpretations: Flowers - After the Rain

    I believe you'll like this one a lot.

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    Copied image over the background image and ran Xero line art in mono sketch mode. Used Akvis chameleon to change the flowers to the colour of the background.

    Paint engine to get the painted effect. Pasted the original again, masked out and painted back some of the colour.

    Added a black border between flowers and background.

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      Christine -- I love the look of your image -- works very well !

      Played in PShop 7 ---
      Didn't keep track of all the iterations, but loved the colors and just went along for the ride -- but this is a combination of select Color Range, Polar Coordinates, embossing, stroking, layer blends - color, Luminosity, exclusion, etc. No, I could never do it again. But, sometimes, I just want to "play".
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        I like that. Kinda an abstract stained glass window.


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          Christine, you know I love anything that is abstract!

          I did PSP8 contours on one copy and did a negative on another one and merged them, then did a negative of that image. I like the quick and dirty results.

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            I ain't gonna tell ya'..................'cause I don't know!
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              Inspirational and fun! I enjoyed playing too....this is a Paint Alchemy filter and PSP8 frame added.
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                CJ, Kiska, Neve- I'm loving the playful interpretations!


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                  You've got to let your hair down sometime... I'm about to zip up the suitcases tomorrow to do just that and enjoy our 5th grandchild...! I'll miss "playing" for a while....for an entire month!


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                    funky wet flowers

                    Some of these are terriffic! What a wonderful thing imagination is.

                    I can't resist a flower, especially the chance to make one abstracted in some manner.
                    Duped original layer and turned off background.
                    Posterized at 4.
                    Copied that layer three more times.
                    1st copy was turned into a pencil sketch, which turned out to have a lot of gray in it. I used the blending sliders to get rid of some of the gray. This blended into the layer below it a lot better.
                    2nd copy I used the solarize filter then hit image/adjustment/invert. In the final layered copy, the blending mode was overlay at 80%.
                    The next layer I used find edges with a blending mode of 25% on multiply.

                    I'm not particularly happy with some of the crazed lines; but I'm too tired to erase them tonight. I'm absolutely sure I will do this flower again. BEWARE you haven't seen the last of this flower. hehehe
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                      Kiska, Neve, Donna, Janet -- Cool!!!

                      Kiska -- can't do it again? Then it's truly UNIQUE!!
                      Neve -- Have fun with your 5th grandchild -- you'll get even more energized!
                      Donna -- who cares if "there are easier ways", you did it YOUR way!
                      Janet -- You got more?! Bring 'em on! We're not scared, we're anticipatory!


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                        You asked for it. Snicker. Thanks for the words of encouragement.

                        Here are three I experimented with. I LOVE flowers. LOL

                        The first one is done with the emboss filter and inverted, overlaid onto a colored sandstone texture. The top layer was a find edges, which was overlaid and the opacity reduced.

                        The second one was the same as above except I put the original on top and overlaid it, reduced the saturation to make it look like it does. I kinda like it. It reminds me of that material so popular in the 1950s, washed out but bold and splashy too.

                        The third one was playing around with the impressionist filter.
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                          These are all fantastic - this is such a good picture to play with, I couldn't resist a few more all done in Photobrush, haven't played with that for a while.

                          first is coloured pencil plus another filter but I can't remember which probably one of the xero ones.

                          second is the glass filter.

                          third is xero duochrome and Photobrush watercolour.

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                            Flower Fun

                            Xaran, I really like the third one. The pastel look is great.

                            This is such a great photo for experimenting with. Thanks to Danny for posting it.


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                              Thanks Janet, I liked that one too. Heres another version, just to keep things going.

                              Duplicated layer
                              Xero Line Art Sketch - line 10.
                              Layer Mode = difference
                              Merge to new layer.
                              switch off line art layer
                              change layer mode of merged layer to colour burn

                              Quite liked it at this point as very bright and sparkling.

                              Paint daubs and canvas texture added via filter gallery.

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