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    I am sorry if i have added this in the wrong place, I have now got Corel Painter 8, not the 9 or 10 i got the 8, now playing with the program i see it uses scripts, does anyone know any sites that have scripts for Painter.

    Any sites for tutorials also would be welcomed for Painter 8 or Painter 9, i think will be the same.

    Thank you in advance for any help.

    (*Tell* Thank you hun for the tutorial on *Masks* I have been doing them totally different, your way is easier! for sure).

    ***Ps...I am still using the mouse as i do not have the tablet and pen as yet***

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    Here are a few tutorials for Painter 8 i am sure anyone with Painter could adapt them.


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      Congratulations'll love it after your first creation!


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        Thank you Neve!

        Thanks hun...I shall have a look at them in the morning going to bed now its 2am...

        Night all!


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          Don't worry about Painter 10: it's not out yet. Ver 9.0 is the most recent.

          Scroll down near the bottom of this thread for some Painter tutorials:

          re: Scripts in Painter
          These are completely different than scripts in PSP and Photoshop. In Painter the scripts record brush strokes, not menu commands.

          So if you have the scripting function on it allows you to recreate a painting. This comes in handy if you create the prototype at 8"x12". You can then increase the canvas to 30"x40" and play the script. Supposedly it will scale the strokes accordingly. A 30"x40" piece would take a LONG time to recreate manually. With a script, you just launch it and come back in a couple hours (or however long it takes to complete.)

          I suppose you could download scripts others have created, but I'm not aware of anyone doing that.

          = = = = = =

          A Yahoo group that might be of intest to you:

          It's not real active in terms of message traffic, but there seem to be some real sharp people who participate and answer questions.

          = = = = = =


          Some real serious Painter users frequent that forum.

          = = = = = =

          Jinny Brown: One of the best.

          Now, if this doesn't keep you awake, NOTHING will! (LOL)



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            I suppose you could download scripts others have created, but I'm not aware of anyone doing that.
            I wasn't aware either but couldn't answer Legacy as well as you've done Danny. You've just turned on a light bulb for moi and it's much appreciated.


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