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  • New Buzz software

    Buzz has announced new software--Artmaster and Artmaster pro.

    Has anyone taken a look at these new packages. Does any one use Photoartmaster or PAM, also made by fo2pix? What is your experience?

    I use a mac and the demos are not available yet.


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    I would DEFINITELY say DO NOT BUY until you have tried the demo - my personal opinion of this software is **** unprintable.

    The interface has got to be the worst ever.



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      I second that. Paid big money for PAM, not worth it.


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        Yeah I tried out this demo and found heaps of problems, the price should be something like £30 not the nearly £600, The interface is so irratating and just felt like a beta version I was sampling cause just didn't do half of the things it stated. Contacted them and heard zip all back. I'm sticking to Photoshop and Painter just was interested to seing what this was about.


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          If you already have experience with Photoshop the 'Buzz simplifier' alone is a nice plugin and about all you really need. The rest of their stuff is rather clunky, like thrown-together shareware. Their claim to fame is the 'simplifier' and it seems like the rest of the product is mostly window dressing to provide basic functionality and provide a complete stand-alone photo-art package. Having used Photoartmaster, Buzzpro, Artmasterpro(demo), Painter and Photoshop I would try ‘Buzz Simplifier’ with Photoshop for a while before spending your hard earned on anything more.

          Good luck,


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            juni and Ogg:

            Thanks for jumping in with good info. Great "first posts" by both of you.

            Welcome aboard.



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