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Creative interpretations: Island in the Sun

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  • Creative interpretations: Island in the Sun

    Photo source:
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    I downloaded some useful plugins yesterday and used 3 on this image...
    Contrast Mask, Local Contrast Enhancement and Selective Saturation. Useful for doing postwork on photos.

    Bottom Layer enhanced using the above filters.
    Duped BL
    L2 - Buzz Simplifier
    L2 - Impressionist/DJR Smudge
    L2 - Artistic Brushstrokes(PSP8.1)

    Thanks for the photo!
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      couldn't resist

      had to endulge myself after reading the post's title

      copied the background twice, then ran the chrome filter on layer 3, set it to overlay and reduced the opacity to 50
      ran fresco on layer 2, set the layer to lighten and the opacity to 75
      added a few things, then stamped the layers to one and use the spatter brushstrokes

      I think it turned out rather nice.
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        Wish I was there instead of in this 30 degree weather!

        Started playing with this one & went a different direction than I thought I would, but it's kinda interesting, so here it is...

        1-dup orig layer & adj levels - then filter "swap shop" to change coloring to this orange-y

        2-dup that layer - impressionist filter: crayon, lino chatter, set to darken

        3-dup last layer - filter chrome, set to soft light & lowered opacity to taste

        4-added texture & borders

        Here's a link to the "swap shop" a ton more, if anyone's interested:

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          Actually, here's the more direct link, but the other is good for exploring other filters too...


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            Great work Donna! I love the sunrise feel you have given this image and your texture is wonderful!!

            Thanks for the links too. Looks like something I would like to play with.



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              Thanks cardmnal!


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                Originally posted by wooden_bender
                I think it turned out rather nice.

                Welcome to the Photo-art forum. Nice touch on the text-work, too.


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                  First used that watercolor technique from the March newspaper from Corel.


                  The March one has this tutorial..

                  Then cloned in Painter 8 ...using both chalk & oil brushes ..from the Wow collection. After cloning.. continued painting with different colors to shade & add defination.

                  To view the whole pix

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                    Tropical Night

                    L1 Watercolour
                    L2 Sponge 30% opacity
                    L3 Moon Watercoloured

                    Adjusted the Ue/Saturation to get the pink sky.

                    All I need now is a bottle of Malibu
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                      Goldcoin--GREAT pic! It has a lovely feel to it. And thanks for the links...I've been eyeing Painter for a while now...I can see I'm going to have to buy it!

                      Deadants--love your addition of the moon! Nice job!


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                        Goldcoin that's a really beautiful painting.


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                          HI Malia0!us... Don't think you will ever regret obtaining a version of Painter.... each one 6, 7, 8 or 9 has value.

                          Thank you, kindly... Pam


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