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Can PS7 Clone in Painting Format

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  • Can PS7 Clone in Painting Format

    I did not know how to phrase this question, nor really where to put it. I have been posting recently about Deep Paint and other painting program which can clone images/portions of images. Deep Paint has "Clone Paint", for example.

    My question is whether there is a technique in PS7 (in particular) which allows "cloning" from an underlying image. I tried putting a white layer above an image and fiddling with the layer opacities. (How do you turn down opacity and not have the checkerboard pattern show through?). I tried the clone stamp, use all layers, aligned. I got some reproduction, but am I on the right track? Can you clone paint in PS7?

    I have learned more about the bewildering array of brushes, brush tips, and bruch adjustments within PS7 (not my usual program), and wanted to explore this avenue.

    Any advice or comments?



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    Cloning in Photoshop 7

    Yes you can clone in a layer above the background image in photoshop. So you have your photo and then you construct a new layer. The layers palette shows that checkerboard image you were talking about. That means that the new layer is transparent.

    So to clone you have the clone/stamp tool selected in the tool menue. You have the higher,Transparent, checkerboard layer selected so the cloned material goes there. Then you option/Alt click the area on the background image you want to start from.

    The nice thing about cloning to a separate layer is that you can either erase or mask out a mistake.


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      Remember always to have checked the box "USE ALL LAYERS" found in the upper menu of the Clone tool


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        Yes you can !

        Basically there are two methods, one is "Pattern Stamp" method and the other is "Art History" Brush Method.

        You can check the help files.
        Pattern Stamp Method:

        1 Import the image you want to clone and paint, it will be on the background layer.
        2. Duplicate the Layer, and then do all the adjustments like Contrast, color saturation on this duplicate layer.
        3. Then convert this to a pattern stamp, by defining the entire modified layer as a pattern, by going to Edit > Define Pattern and giving it a name.
        4. Now you can set up the Pattern you just created as a cloning source for the painting by Picking Pattern Stamp Tool from the Tool Menu and then in the Pattern Stamps "Options" you choose for the Pattern Stamp Swatch you just created. Also check on the Impressionist option.
        5. Finally you pick the brush of your choice, depending on whether you want it to be a watercolor look, or oil look or whatever. You then start painting, and you control the effect with both opacity as well as brush size, and you actually paint on a new layer. This then has the effect of creating a clone copy of your layer with the brush strokes to represent a painting style, based on the brush picked etc, rather than a straight copy of your image.

        Essentially that is it, of course, there are many tricks and nuances to beautify the above simple concept, and you may find many enhancements by googling for it.

        Regarding Art History method, you can also google for it, as well as look in the help menu, as to how it also is used to clone your original image into a painted image.

        Hope this helps.



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          Well, thanks for the replies and for pointing me in this direction. Shame on me for not seeing it! I've done lots of PS work on photo enhancement, although I have been concentrating on PSPx. As I got interested in Photo-art (stimulated in large part by the tutorials and examples using Deep Paint (Photomaster), I naturally went off in that direction. Did I look further into PS for these capabilities? Nooooo.

          All this capability right under my nose....amazing. The tutorial links by Danny, which I had also missed, show everything you need to get started.

          After some further learning and experimentation, maybe I will be able to see where something like Deep Paint comes in relative to the native abilities in PS7.

          Many thanks for the responses.



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