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  • Corel Painter newbe

    Hello from New Jersey ...
    This is my first post and a new experience with painter X...
    The image was originally photographed in B&W ... I then tried to paint the image using oil brushes and then finished with image luminance.
    I've never been able to paint before I discovered this art form.
    I'm primarily a photographer.
    Thanks for any critiques or advice.
    P.S. I could use some help in uploading an image. I'm not sure that I did the last one correctly !!!

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    Re: Corel Painter newbe

    This thread may help you:
    Attaching Files or Images to Threads or Posts


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      Re: Corel Painter newbe

      Welcome to NJ from Seattle...

      Look fwd. to seeing your work once you are past the upload speedbumps. Much easier once you're past the first one.

      Besides Painter do you have Photoshop, Elements or Paint Shop Pro handy?


      TP... thx for the assist. - djr


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        Re: Corel Painter newbe

        Thank you for your response Danny,

        I use PSCS2 and Corel painter X ... I still have 9.5 on my computer and am only recently learning how to use them.

        I'll try to use the upload again for this image, and hope I'm more successful this time.

        I have another question ... When using painter, and applying a large brush, the brush will sometimes move by itself. This does not happen when I make the brush smaller. What should I be doing?

        thanks again
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          Re: Corel Painter newbe

          Glad you worked through the upload mine field.

          In a word: Wow!

          You're a Painter rookie? You could have fooled me. This is really creative work... I wouldn't know where to begin with a critique, unless it would be to paint in the 'rough areas' in her face.

          re: Brush question
          Hmmm... have not run into that one myself, but I only dabble with Painter. In case you're not aware, despite the fact Painter has been around many years, it is well known for being flakey (unusual, not understood behavior at times; unusual crashes for no apparent reason, etc.), even at version 10. In other words SAVE often. Really.

          Given your obvious (to me) talent, let me suggest you consider joining the Paint Outside the Frame community: ( These folks eat Painter for lunch whereas Painter use among RetouchPRO members is fairly light by comparison. Lots and lots of Painter users there - from rookies to superstars. Nice folks, too, plus hints, tips, custom brush downloads, etc.

          Don't get me wrong: I'm not trying to get rid of you... just pointing you to a resource that's very well suited for where you want to go with Painter.

          The rub: There's a modest annual fee (which goes up 10/1/2007), but it's a drop in the bucket compared to what you've already invested in CS2, Painter 9.5 and X. IMO a great investment.

          Hope some of my blathering helps...


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            Re: Corel Painter newbe


            I'm floored by your incredibly positive comments.
            Thank you for your response and suggesting that I try another forum.
            I'll try to lurk around that site for awhile, and see if my ability is up to their standards. (or maybe they'll eat me as well)... LOL



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              Re: Corel Painter newbe

              Some of the forums are open for browsing for non-members, but most of the "good stuff" requires one to ante up.

              IMO your ability / skill level at this point is beyond 70% of the folks who participate at POTF, so many will be seeking your advice early on. That leaves 30% or so from whom to learn = many folks, many opportunities. I know many of the folks who hang out there as well as the webmaster. You would fit in like an old glove, and would be welcomed with open arms.

              Trust me on this. If I'm wrong, e-mail me and I'll gladly repay your annual fee. Really.


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                Re: Corel Painter newbe

                Just had a look at "painting outside the forum". I guess I should join as one cannot see any work without joining. I had a look at another forum that does show what the participants are doing. Oh boy, I don't think I'm quite ready for this. I need nice and easy for a while ... I think I'll hang around here for the time being and just be an observer on the other forums ...


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                  Re: Corel Painter newbe

                  Hello elk and a big welcome to retouch pro...

                  Your painting is great.....I will look forward to seeing more from you...
                  This is a great forum and you can learn a lot from the kind and helpful members....

                  I think you should try painting the photos members send in...a lot of people do filter work(which is brilliant) but some do use Painter....Sadly i havent had time to paint as i am tied up with work but hope to get back to it soon....

                  Another great forum to look into is Innographx....a lot of members use Painter and Photoshop....Link below for you to check out....


                  Kind regards Patricia.........