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FUN with CS5's new paint brushes

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  • FUN with CS5's new paint brushes

    Installed CS5 yesterday and could not wait to get my hands on the new paint and paint mixer brushes. Had my first shot at it still not quite finished (attached,) but still a long way to go in getting the hang of this, especially as I am a lefty and found that I had to contort my hand to angles I did not think it could get to, to have my stylus "aim" the brush the way I wanted. Lots to learn still and lots to experiment with, but oh what a wonderful addition, and as originally a traditional artist this the best of both worlds. Fabulous! (Pure Photoshop - no plug-ins used)

    I shall attempt to view as many tips, tricks and tutorials as I can on this new feature, but you know... I don't know how you folk do it. If I were to view all that's out there I would grow roots to my chair, look like the perfect tableau in time for Halloween and my family would either die of starvation or run away from home! So - I hope I find the best of the best and will continue to experiment on my own.

    PS - I know I am going to hear that the original picture was a rather poor quality image to start out with, (I grabbed it off my nephew's Facebook page) but sometimes I think that working with a less than perfect image, especially if you are painting, is much more of a challenge.
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    Re: FUN with CS5's new paint brushes

    Looks promising! Keep experimenting and reporting results. Sure appreciate you starting this thread.


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      Re: FUN with CS5s new paint brushes

      Originally posted by georrgyutss
      Actually. Prompt, where I can find more information on this question?
      Hi: It is not clear to me what assistance you are asking for... How can one of us help?


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