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I can't decide


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  • I can't decide

    I can't decide whether the standard of my photo art is worthy of a gallery, am I classed an an artist or am I cheating? I love working with images and spend hours and hours creating and tweeking photos turning them into works of art, but still I am confused as to where I stand in the art world. I have received countless responses from galleries, saying that they will keep my details on file, but that my work isn't currently suitable etc.
    I would love some good, honest feedback - - 'art prints'.
    Thank you

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    Re: I can't decide


    All artists suffer self doubt.

    I think your work is 'good enough' but what you lack is a cohesive body of work. What I saw immediately what that there was a confusing jumble of styles and techniques.

    If I were you I'd look at your finished work and choose 12-20 that have a common style -- like your pieces with a white background that looks like illustrations. Then approach galleries with a small manageable portfolio that reflects just only one style.

    Good luck!

    HTH - Nancy