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Tutorial 05: Converting a Color Image to Black and White grayscale BW


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    Can the Color Be restored
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    Getting some pizazz into BW coversion
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    it doesn't work. yes I switch the l channel
    back to rgb mode

    I know to add a new layer in color
    mode and paint in this layer but...
    03-27-2013, 07:17 AM
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    Re: Tutorial 05: Converting a Color Image to Black

    Most of the time I add some drama and then desat (lame, I know; lol). I also like using photo-plugins b/w filter since it can simulate various passive color filtered lenses (figured out how to get it to work with GIMP; had to rename it in my pspirc file since it had non-standard characters; lol).


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      Re: Tutorial 05: Converting a Color Image to Black

      Forgot that I also recently downloaded this cool Open Source Java program that has some very cool presets.


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        Re: Tutorial 05: Converting a Color Image to Black

        New links added at the very top of the thread. One is especially great!

        Click here: