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    Hello and Welcome!

    Based on feedback I've received from various sources, I know there are MANY, MANY folks who surf the Photo-art forum just itchin' to ask a question or submit a creation for comments.

    Unfortunately they choose not post them because they feel like the questions are too basic or their photo-art isn't on a par with some of the works created by more seasoned members.

    So THIS SUBFORUM was created especially for photo-art rookies!
    * There's no expectation that you know a lot about your image editor program(s) of choice, so "basic" questions are welcome.
    * Creations posted for comments won't be compared to those of other members with more experience.

    Bottom line: No question is "too basic." No creation is "too lame."

    As moderator I will ensure this forum remains a comfortable place to hang out, where positive toned feedback is the expectation and norm, and where those new to photo-art can learn without intimidation.

    Heads up:
    * For the most part visitors to the Photo-based Art forum use Photoshop. As you probably know the most current version of Photoshop is 7.0. If you have PS 6 or 5.5 or 5.0, not to worry. I have PS 5.5 myself (along with PS7), so don't let PS version-envy hold you back. Your posts won't be judged by what version of Photoshop you have.
    * What if I have PS Elements? Not a huge deal. From a photo-art perspective, Photoshop and Elements have very similar capabilities, albeit running "actions" in Elements can be a little awkward. If you have Elements, by all means don't hesitate to participate in this forum.
    * What if I'm using Paint Shop PRO (PSP) or PhotoImpact or Gimp or other application? You're welcome too. We have a few PSP members I'm aware of and our resident Gimp expert will gladly field questions. If in doubt, ask. What's the worst thing that could happen?

    The purpose of everything we do here at RetouchPRO, regardless of forum, is to give all members -- regardless of experience level -- opportunities to learn and grow within safe, positive-focused and non-confrontational forums, as well as fostering an environment where who so choose are welcome to help others by providing advice, assistance and tutorials.

    And in the Photo-art forum, there's one more thing I frequently emphasize: Have Fun!

    Now, the rest is up to you: Ya gonna post that question or photo-art creation or not? Aw, go for it. What are they gonna do: Fire you?

    Another subforum to check...
    In July 2003 the focus of the Photo-art forum changed from "look what I did" to "look what I did and how I did it." This is reflected in threads located in the Show, Tell and Try-it forum. Be sure to check this one out, too.

    TO CLOSE...
    At this point I'm going to point you to my "welcome" posted in the main forum, since a lot of what I have to say there is applicable here as well. Click HERE.

    Take care and keep havin' fun.

    Photo-based Forum Moderator
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