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Tutorial 03: Questions, discussion, results

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  • Tutorial 03: Questions, discussion, results

    Post your results, questions, comments about Tutorial #03 in this thread.
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    Very nice effect, Danny! And your tut was very easy to follow.

    You've inspired me to use your effect and play with this image in the Photo Art mini-challenges section.

    Keep 'em coming...



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      Step 7.5 could be"press the "D" key (default) to reset the foreground and background colors to black/white. I know that often other colors (depending on what I used last) come up when I open Photoshop. Just a thought, in case that might be a cause for errors.


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        Thanks Danny

        Funny though...following through, my Crosshatch looks MUCH blurrier and so did the completed end-result.

        Easy enough to follow through the tutorial, just wasn't sure why my results were that much different.



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          Thx for the 7.5 suggestion; went back and revamped the verbiage a bit. Better (now) I think. Didn't occur to me that when one creates a new layer mask or clicks on an existing one, PS automatically populates the FG/BG swatches w/b&w, so a good call. Thx.

          - - - - - - -

          Your kind words are sincerely appreciated. Thanks much.

          - - - - - - -

          Far as I know the parameter values I posted are the ones actually used, do I dunno why your results were sigificantly different. But I'll sure go back for a double-check.

          The good news: Since the crosshatching is on a separate layer, you can try running Unsharp Mask to tune 'em up a bit w/o affecting the Dry Brush layer.

          Greatly appreciate your feedback, too.
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            I went back through it again this morning...and played with the crosshatch settings a bit and was able to get pretty decent results by upping the Sharpness setting to around 6 (in the crosshatch dialog box).

            It is interesting playing with the flow/opacity and all that with my Wacom tablet as well.


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              Good work, Jeffrey. Appreciate that feedback.

              Amazing the affect a slight parameter tweak one way or the other has.


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                Good Tutorial 03, But result is Not like Real Artist Working with Oil Painting.
                See my Variant same Portrait :
                Attached Files


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                  And it is my Sight to Oil Painting With Adobe PhotoShop:
                  Attached Files


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                    Hi Alex:

                    Welcome to RetouchPRO. You do some very impressive work and I appreciate your comments.

                    The point of the tutorial was not to mimic a particular style of art, e.g. oils or watercolors. It was to illustrate the concept of applying different filters to different layers and combining the results using layer masks.

                    That said I'm sure others would like to know about the methods you used to achieve the results you got. How about starting a new thread in this forum (so it doesn't get lost in this thread) and describe your step-by-step techniques? The "oils" version is especially good.

                    Again, welcome. Hope to see more of your works soon.



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                      Hi! Danny!

                      I am very glad, that have found that forum which was very necessary for me.
                      I a lot of interesting have seen here and at me is what to show and about what to talk.
                      I understand, that the method was offered, but I always in searches of a method see the purpose, but about it we shall talk separately...

                      Good Luck & TNX for Nice Forum !!


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