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    Hi DannyR! Thanks so much for your reallyreally helpful response to my photoshop 7 vs Elements post. I went and checked out the Hidden Powers book (and forum), although a friend of mine has offered to give me photoshop 6 and I'm playing with the idea of just installing that and then purchasing the 7.0 upgrade...

    Here's my next question -- I just read through your tutorial on using a layer mask to merge crosshatch and drybrush versions of the Mountain Man photo. In Elements, I've been doing this sort of thing, but instead of using a "paintbrush" and black or white paints, i've just been using the eraser brush (at varous brush settings and opacities) to let the lower layer show through.

    Are the results of using the "eraser" technique different that using the layer mask technique that you described?

    Thanks again for all your help!!

    BigKid (a.k.a. "J")

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    Hi BigKid, the eraser on a layer [not the background] and a layer mask on a layer [which has to be on a layer and not the background] both produce the same end result.

    The benefit of the layer mask is that it is not permanently affecting the image pixels, the mask is non destructive.

    No big deal if you work on a duped layer or image or you do not need a lot of flexibility in your image edits.

    Hope this helps,

    Stephen Marsh.


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