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My First Photo Art Painting Attempts


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  • My First Photo Art Painting Attempts

    These two paintings started as photos, of course, which I painted using the Paint Mixer Brush tool in Affinity Photo.
    I'm very interested in learning more about Photo Art Painting techniques, including Smudge Painting.

    The type of photo art which intrigues me is where I will be painting on a photo using various brush tools, rather than using filters, layers and blend modes to achiever painterly effects.
    While I respect the amount of photo editing knowledge involved in using sliders to create painterly effects, I am more interested in using my stylus as a digital paint brush to create art from photos.

    Perhaps, if the ability is there, I could learn to paint from scratch, but quite honestly at this point, I rather doubt that. For now, using my photos as a digital "paint-by-numbers" guide will just have to do.

    Please take a look at my two below paintings, and let me know what you might think, keeping in mind these are my first two attempts.

    Please also let me know of any tutorials you might know of which you think might be helpful.

    Thanks so much, in advance, for your responses.

    Chaplain Mark

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    Nice coal and also chalk result, Mark.


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      Thank you, I appreciate that...!!