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    Hi Danny and all,

    I tried the Gregory Hines tutorial and it is wonderful. Then I read the layer mask tutorial you suggested.

    So, I learned something today. I can now transform two photos into one with Photoshop. What's very basic for many is such a joy to learn for those of us who are just starting.

    Many times when I am working a tutorial I find something has gone wrong because there were steps that the author assumed was known especially if the tutorial is advanced.

    Gregory Hines is very easy to follow and everything worked. Thanks for the links!

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    Remove broken links.


    For those who haven't seen it, here's a link to the "Pen and Ink" tutorial made famous by Gregory Georges (Gregory Hines is the deceased dancer, but I knew who she meant)

    Regarding combining images, there are a couple ways to do that. The following link will take you to a very good tutorial on one method. Masking and Layer Masks apply to ALL versions of Photoshop and really opened my eyes..

    Thanks for sharing your comments, Blu. I can see you making creative and technical progress with each new work of art.

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      Thanks for the nice comment on my learning process.

      I have no idea where the Hines came from although I do know who he is. That mistake wasn't as bad as one I did in another forum today. I made a comment on a picture in a gallery, told how it was my favorite of the ones shown and it didn't even belong to the person I was responding to. sheesh!

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        link not working
        this link is not working. Is the site gone?


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          Originally posted by Diane

          this link is not working. Is the site gone?
          Apparently so. I replaced it with a link to a site that hosts the same tutorial. Thanks for letting me know, Diane.