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aligning rubberstamp multiple documents?

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  • aligning rubberstamp multiple documents?

    my english is not ready for me to participate at this forum...
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    Why have you posted this question again?



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      RE: Structure / where to post
      Not to worry... We'll find you! This site is not particularly busy at this time, so it's more likely a post in one forum will be noticed by others in another, unlike huge sites where (as you noted) folks never venture out of their favorite forum(s).

      RE: Cloning from one image to another
      When I saw the reply (by whomever it was) in the other thread I took it as "Yep, that's how to do it," so I didn't engage that thread.

      One thing to take into consideration is image resolution. If you have an 8x10 at 72ppi that you're cloning into an image of 8x10 at 300 ppi, results won't be what you expect, so be sure you're in synch image-to-image resolution-wise.

      If the image you're cloning "from" has multiple layers (blended through blend modes or layer masks), be sure the clone option "use all layers" is on, otherwise what will be cloned will be from the active layer only.

      Suggestion: Until you get a feel for the various nuances, it might be helpful to experiment with two different images, same size, e.g., 5" x 7" at 72 ppi. Then experiment with images of different resolutions and dimensions to see how those variables affect the outcome. Experiment with "aligned" on and off to get a feel for that one, too, it not quite clear.

      Hope this helps.