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I've been requested to use Corel Painter...HELP!

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  • I've been requested to use Corel Painter...HELP!

    I know photoshop rather well and my retouching business is going good even for the holidays, but I have had a request made by one of my new clients. They would like to start offering portraits emerging from a "painting" They have seen it done before with Corel Painter and asked if I could learn the software. I'm sure I can, but which tutorial book is the best on the market right now? I have Painter IX.



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    'Painter 8 Creativity', by Jeremy Sutton is good. His website is

    good luck


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      I would seriously recommend you bid on this eBay auction that ends ~ midnight Monday PST, 3:00 a.m. EST.

      This is the DVD version of Jeremy's book. (I own this set.)

      Since the clock is ticking (timewise), these EXCELLENTLY produced/presented lessons will get you going quickly. Awesome demos start to finish; detailed and easy to follow. A very good intro segment on GUI, palettes, general navigaton, digital tablet setup, etc.

      Although Painter 7 based, conceptually lessons/techniques would apply nicely to Painter IX.

      If the clock isn't ticking, the Painter IX version of this product is due 1/2005, but will cost at least $100 more.

      Good luck on your leap to Painter...



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        Hi Sara..

        If I had it to do over... I would spend a bit of time in the World of Painter users... and find the "results" that appealed to me. then ask that person, after agreeing to the fee, to teach me..

        Forget books... money would be better spent learning from a successful portrait painter, having them sharing their technique & tools (brushes Paper tips & so on)

        There are enought free tutorial available on the net & in painter/photoshop forums to get you well on your way. What version isn't really that important.. for the most part Painter works the same. Some more or less different brushes but one usually use their own favorite 90% of time...

        And if I were going to get a book ...this would be the one for me

        This is a link I posted a couple of days ago... She is giving some free chapters with tutorials and well,.. you will see..


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          I do wish we had more Painter users here. It's a great program, and doesn't really compete with anything else out there.
          Learn by teaching
          Take responsibility for learning


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            Another great tutorial for using Painter to change photos to paintings is by Helen Yancy.

            Helen Yancy Web Site


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              Hi T Paul.. Have you had a look at these CD's? They look interesting, thanks for the link..


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