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  • My First Post

    Hi everyone, I've just started exploring this forum properly and I'm so impressed by the work everyone has done. I hope to learn a lot from all of you .

    Here's my first effort at producing a piece of photo art so please be kind. I started by converting my image to b/w then applied the Impressionist Conte faithful filter to it. Ran Dave's Midnight Sepia action on it and used a layer mask to create the border. I finished it off with Trimoon's cotton canvas texture.

    I'm no where near the standard of the rest of this forum but I was pleased with my first attempt! What do you think. Any tips or suggestions would be gratefully received.
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    Very nice! Hope you keep coming around and posting.



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      Welcome to the forums.

      You will soon notice that there is no 'Standard' and thats what makes this place a great place to learn and hangout.

      I have nothing to suggest for you submission or any tips at this point, i will let you get settled in before i open my mouth, lol ( Only Kidding )

      Hope to see you post more.


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        Thanks for saying hello guys !

        I've been playing with Jim Caffrey's Art History Brush tutorial and I can't believe how good my work turned out. I changed a couple of the blend modes to suit my photo better and added Trimoon's art paper texture. I'm really enjoying this. You'll probably be sick of the sight of me in a few weeks LOL !!

        The photo was taken in a park near to where I live in the autumn.
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          Hi Pam:

          I was delighted to see your first posts. Hopefully others new to this sport/hobby will follow in your footsteps in order to take advantage of this forum.

          The results you got on the little boy are quite good. Taking this approach neutralized the screaming colors of the pacifier, which (to me) were a distraction in the original.

          I might back off on the texturing a bit. You don't want it to be so noticeable that it draws attention away from the subject.

          I don't know how you applied your texture, but I'll make some general comments in case others read this.

          If the texture was applied through a Pattern layer, fiddle with opacity or try Soft Light as a blend mode. (If you ever need to turn up the texture effect, use Hard Light.)

          Another approach to applying texture is:
          * Create a new layer above the rest
          * Set blend mode to Overlay
          * Edit > Fill > Use > 50% gray
          * Apply texture to the 50% gray layer using the Texture > Texturizer filter

          With either approach it's easy to alter the layer characteristics to tone down or ratchet up the texture effect. If you decide not to use texture afterall, just delete the layer.

          - - - - - - - -

          Keep on experimenting and having fun. I'm really glad you joined us.



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            Thanks for your comments Danny. I was a bit unsure about the texture myself, I thought I'd gone a bit overboard on it. I applied it through the texturize filter but I saved a copy without the texture first so I can go back and change it. I wish I'd managed to get a photo of him (my DS) without the pacifier but it's very hard to catch him without it !!

            I've been having so much fun playing around with different photos and effect today. I'm so glad I started joining in with this forum. I'll definately be posting more !!


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              Originally posted by PamSav
              I'm really enjoying this. You'll probably be sick of the sight of me in a few weeks LOL !!
              Pam, I realize you're not being serious, but there's no chance we'll tire of your submissions. Other recent members (Axeluk and Legacy~Art in particular) have posted tons since they've joined and are great assets to the community for doing so. (Now where they find time...)

              BTW, your first two images are very nice. I don't have much advice to offer other than to try lots of tutorials & experiment a lot on your own to develop a sense of what techniques work best for a given image and your vision for "artifying" it.

              Anyway, welcome. Keep sharing what you create, ask questions, and as Danny likes to emphasize, have fun! Hope to see more from you soon.