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  • 1st effort with Painter

    WOW...I just got Painter IX and this is the first time I've ever owned or tried to use Painter. I love it already!!!!

    Anyway, this isn't too spectacular, but it came out ok. I got the paint too "clumpy" in places, but I'll learn...

    (I used a stock photo as my base when I used the clone brushes, btw)

    Any comments or tips on how to improve are most welcome!! I've been reading the painter tuts I found links to on this site, so I'll keep working on it. I'm so excited!! LOL

    Anyway, I am so grateful for this forum--reading everything here has given me so much inspiration! Thanks!
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    Originally posted by malia01us
    ...this isn't too spectacular, but it came out ok....but I'll learn. Any comments or tips are most welcome!

    The important thing: It's a beginning. And you can only get better from here.

    Something to try:
    * Open original
    * File > Clone
    * Blender > Grainy Water
    * Lower brush opacity to 20-30% or so
    * Depending on image characteristics, you may need to lower brush size
    * Now "stroke away" -- all over. Paint parallel to edges. Adjust opacity and brush size as needed. This will result in kind of a smeary/arty effect, but you should still be able to recognize major forms of the image.
    * If you totally hose up an area, switch to Cloner > Soft Cloner and paint over the messed up area. This will restore the original image. Then switch back to Grainy water and smear some more.

    This is called an "underpainting." Interesting, perhaps, but most likely not enough detail for most tastes.

    There are many brushes you can use to add back a little detail (if you want to). Here are a couple of options:
    * Cloner > Soft Cloner with really, really low opacity. Click here and there to add back hints of detail.
    * Acrylic > Captured Bristle. Lower Opacity and make the size pretty small. IMPORTANT: Click the "clone color" icon (looks like a stamp) on the Color Palette. This turns a regular brush into a "cloner," drawing its color from the clone source image. Clone in as much detail as you like.

    Anyway, this will give you something else to try.

    I'm delighted for you. Keep having fun and sharing your results. You are an inspiration for many.



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      ok, i'll ask (cause others are wondering too, no doubt), what is Painter? what's it cost? where do you get it? how does it compare to photoshop or paint shop pro? is it a mac or pc or both?

      (having asked all this, i'll prolly find a thread which already answers this, so just direct me there if that's the case).



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        Originally posted by Kraellin
        ok, i'll ask (cause others are wondering too, no doubt), what is Painter? what's it cost? where do you get it? how does it compare to photoshop or paint shop pro? is it a mac or pc or both?

        (having asked all this, i'll prolly find a thread which already answers this, so just direct me there if that's the case).

        I'll save you from hunting down this info!

        Painter = Corel Painter.
        * See
        * PC or Mac

        Where do you get it:
        * You can get it from about any source that sells software. A good place to start: Click the "compare prices link" and enter "corel painter." This will list a number of sellers and you'll get an idea of costs. This one looks among the most promising:
        * If you can qualify for an academic version, cost will be significantly lower. Academic version is functionally exactly like the standard version.
        * If you are comfortable with eBay, Painter comes up for auction frequently.

        How does it compare to PS or PSP:
        * Some functional overlap
        * Excels at creating digital "paintings" that look "painted" vs. manipulated with actions and/or filters. A solid 10 in this area vs. Photoshop which would be about 5. Dunno about the newest edition of PSP, but having an older version of it I cannot believe it would be more than a 6, if that.
        * Although folks with tradional art/drawing/painting skills are positioned to get the most out of it, Painter has a lot of built-in tools so "mortals" (with a little practice) can render pretty impressive looking work, too.

        Hope this helps...

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          Thanks so much for the additional tips, Danny! I am going to try the same photo again using these techniques & see if I can improve it.

          Yes, to add to your info to Kraellin--I got mine from ebay for a VERY good price. You just have to be very careful if you go this route that it's not an academic version, as they require proof of enrollment/student status (unless that's what you are looking for)...or that it's not an upgrade version if you need a full install.

          I'm tickled pink--up till now I've done mostly filter enhancement, but I love the idea of making a digital painting that's really unique and really "painted"!

          Thanks again!


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