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PHOTO ART: Mini-Challenge #03 - Delphinias

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  • PHOTO ART: Mini-Challenge #03 - Delphinias

    PHOTO ART: Mini-Challenge #03

    Here’s another “mini-challenge” to play with in the Photo-based Art category.

    Unlike “official challenges” for this forum posted here, this one will be self-contained within this thread. It is intended as a souce of amusement until the next official challenge is posted.

    The rules are more-or-less the same:
    * It’s a challenge, not a contest -- intended to provide opportunities to experiment, share methods and/or techniques..
    * Everyone who participates is a winner.
    * There’s no expiration date.

    - - - - - - - - - - -

    #3 – Delphinias

    This image is courtesy of member OhThatGirl2001 (aka: Lisa).

    1. Use any method, application(s), filters, plug-ins, style, whatever you like to convert this photo to “art.” Watercolor, oil, pastel, Art History Brush, sketch, van Gogh (eek!), convert to black and white, add a frame, hand-paint it, superimpose an image of Michael Jordan over it, etc. – Makes no difference. Whatever floats your boat as long as you follow guideline #4 in the process.

    2. When done, reply to this thread and attach your work (don’t forget the 100K size limit). Note: Multiple entries OK if you’re so inspired.

    3. Since this mini-challenge, don’t feel like a detailed step-by-step description on how you achieved your results is required, but at least share what applications and/or plugins you used… More detail is welcome if you’re so inclined.

    4. Have fun

    OK. Playtime!

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    This photograph lends itelf well to this sort of manipulation.


    1. BuzzPro simplifier three

    2. Filter/Other/Maximum

    3. Filter/Other/Minimum

    4. Filter/Artistic/Dry brush (faded to about 35%)

    5. Filter/Render/Lighting effects (faded to about 35%)

    6. Filter/Sharpen/Unsharp Mask 500%/radius 1.5/ levels 0
    Faded way down

    7. Copied the BuzzPro simplifier three layer to the top of the
    stack and faded it in to soften the image.

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    • #3
      I followed step 4 quite well on this one. I used Painter Classic (for the surface textures) and Photoshop (Curves and Levels adjustment layers and some lighting effects) to manipulate this image.

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        I'm still playing with the SKETCH action. This time I ran eliminate white on the sketch, which let the colors show through and kept just the lines. Then I did a saturation to the max on almost every color (using hue/saturation) on the background layer. Then I ran it in the master mode. Ran a border effect to top it off.
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          I see you were hard at work with BuzzPro again. What a cool tool that is. Combining the Buzz output with some of the artistic PS filters can generate dramatic, yet subtle results like this.

          Another excellent piece of work.

          Although this was (to me) a very pleasing photo to begin with, the texturing effect you achieved makes all the difference in the world.

          Glad you were paying close attention to guideline #4 -- probably the most important one!

          Very dramatic effect you achieved here. "Sketchy" sure has some great possibilities. Here is a slightly different spin I put on "Sketchy" for the Manipulation #18 challenge.

          OK... Here's a shot at #3 myself. I had a couple false starts before focusing on the final path...

          I found the first three layers (A, B, C) yielded a pleasing effect painterly / texture-wise. The purpose of just about all the rest of the layers was to bring out and enhance colors. Screenshot of layers palette included.

          Thanks for letting me join you in the Photoart pool!

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            I just got home from work at 7am, so i'm a little fried. So this is a quick 15m job. This was done in PSP 7.04.

            Duplicated the image, dropped the brightness, raised contrast, blended with saturation.

            New layer: aranged various B/W eyes, eyes are bright with little contrast, blended using multiply. Added startburst.

            Played with the hue map.

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              WELCOME to Retouch Pro!

              A very creative and colorful pic. "Eye" like what you've done here! My compliments for jumping right into the pool and submitting a pic for your first entry.

              If you haven't discovered the public gallery yet (Main menu - top left, select Gallery and you're there) I'll bet you've got some creations others would enjoy seeing. Consider posting a couple. Note: There's a 100KB size limit on each pic.

              Anyway, hope to see more of your work. Again, welcome and have a lot of FUN while you're poking around.



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                Actualy its only my first post to a min challenge, i have on in retouching "Ladys Man" and one pending in Art "Van Gogh Sunflowers". As for the gallery I'll se what i can do. ttyl.

                PS My spelling is crap, most times i spellcheck, some times i'm too tired or lazy.


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                  Geez, how did I miss this one! Beautiful photo, thanks, Danny and Lisa. This is what I did to massacre it!! PhotoShop ran median, and angled strokes. Painter Classic: Pattern, granite-scale 188, Effects-Fill, Pattern, opacity 25%. This gave it a dappled effect, almost like shading. I then selected paper, crackle-scale 38, Effects-Apply surface texture, amount 29%. Effects- apply lighting-Slide lighting. Sort of looks like cracked china, or a painting. Danny, I'm having fun, giving the filters a work out

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                    You GO GIRL!

                    In case you missed it, Mini Challenge #5 has been posted!

                    Always enjoy seeing your creations, Wanda.



                    • #11
                      PS 7.0
                      Used Eye Candy 4000 Swirl filter, then duplicated the layer and changed the layer to Vivid Light and lowered the fill opacity to 40%.

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                      • #12
                        Mauler, very fantastic work.that pattern is really fine and very apt for the concept.
                        My long Blue is here..
                        Defferent levels did for this chroma changing, and applied other>custom and Filter> Distort>Diffuse glow..
                        A Long BlueBunch..

                        thank you all


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                        • #13
                          Here's to reviving an old thread. The edge is one of the "edge collection #3" actions found Here.
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                          • #14
                            wonderful flowers, and awesome results, people!

                            shifted hue of the flowers about -170, increased saturation, AHB, something, something, something, impressionist... uhm, something...
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                              I thought the background in the original was kind of distracting. Fortunately, it fades well as part of enhancing the delphinas. Flowers are fun to work with.

                              I really like Wanda & T.Paul's old efforts. JC's modern interpretation is lovely as well. The flowers look great in yellow. Here's mine. Just playing with Impressionist:

                              BG - Levels Adj. All other layers are copies of this.
                              A: Impressionist-Paint:FreeDaubs
                              B: Impressionist-Pointillist:SmallDaubs (Multiply, 50%)
                              C: Impressionist-PencilSketch:Soft Ligth (HardLight, 19%)
                              D: Impressionist-Paint:EggShellCrackle. (LinearDodge,47%). Layermask to protect the delphinas some.
                              E: Xero LineArt (the old version). (Multiply, 100%)

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