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PHOTO ART: Mini-Challenge #12 - Last Chance

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  • PHOTO ART: Mini-Challenge #12 - Last Chance

    PHOTO ART: Mini-Challenge #12 - Last Chance

    IMPORTANT ==> Due to a software glitch, attachments to many of the following posts were lost. They can be reuploaded by the original author. However until that happens, many posts will remain "empty." Sorry about that... ~DannyR~

    - - - - - - - - - - -

    Here’s another “mini-challenge” to play with in the Photo-based Art category.

    Unlike “official challenges” for this forum which can be found here, this one will be self-contained within this thread. It is intended as an opportunity to engage in this artform until the next official challenge is posted.

    The rules are more-or-less the same:
    * It’s a challenge, not a contest -- intended to provide opportunities to experiment, share methods and/or techniques and, most importantly, have FUN.
    * Everyone who participates is a winner.
    * There’s no expiration date.

    - - - - - - - - - - -

    PHOTO ART: Mini-Challenge #12 - Last Chance

    I was surfing over at and followed a link to the gallery of one of the regulars there, Bill Brosen.

    Among Bill’s collection of very nice images was this one, “Last Chance,” which I thought would make an inspiring base image for this mini-challenge. Bill has graciously granted permission to use it.

    Your mission, if you decide to accept it, is to convert it to photo-art using your best and/or favorite techniques.

    - - - - - - - - - - -

    1. Use any method, application(s), style(s) you like:
    . * Convert to sketch, grayscale, abstract, watercolor, oil painting, pen-and-ink, Conte crayon, impasto, van Gogh or any style of your choosing
    . * Add elements from other images (collage)
    . * Hand painting? Tracing? Freehand? You bet. Always appreciate entries of this nature.
    . * Feeling a bit animated? How about some blinking lights or jumping fish?
    . * Apply filters from your favorite application(s) or tweak it with 3rd party plug-ins

    Bottom line:
    How you create this masterpiece makes no difference. Whatever floats your boat as long as you follow guideline #4 in the process.

    2. When done, reply to this thread and attach your work (don’t forget the 100kb size limit).

    Note: Multiple entries OK if you’re so inspired.

    3. By all means include some verbiage on how you achieved your masterpiece so others will benefit from your skills and experience. Make it as descriptive as you like. Grammar and spelling will not be graded. Priority given to content, not how it is written.

    4. Have fun.

    - - - - - - - - - - - - -

    So, “Ship ahoy, matey,” “Anchors aweigh” and “Swab that deck!” The fun lamp is lit again...and you don't even have to "Walk the plank!"

    Keep having FUN!

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    Copied the image twice (two layers) and disabled top and bottom layers. Inverted and then ran Eye Candy's Antimatter on middle layer, which I thought gave me a nice "sunset" look to the clouds. Ran Rough Pastels Artistic filter and played with the settings a while.

    Enabled the top copy and ran Underpainting filter on it.

    Played with blend modes, and ended up with double difference (top and middle layers set to difference).

    Did a little hue/sat playing, but not much.


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      Last Chance

      I used PaintEngine plug-in to do this.
      Looks like snow to me


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        Last Chance with Lighting

        Here's another of Last Chance. I also posted this one in another forum. I used Filter/Render/Lighting Effects and fiddled around with it. I used Flashlight and Omni direction.


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          A little cooler image for the summer.
          A combination of glowing edges and wind filters.


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            Winter Storage?

            That is beautiful in its simplicity, Gland...looks like icicles! I have to try your technique! Thanks for the pointers.

            And Woody, love that filter...sure looks like snow all right! That "paint engine" plug in you that for Photoshop?

            Gee, with all this horrible winter weather looks like Last Chance might not get a chance after all!



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              Red Sails in the Sunset

              I used the impasto process to add texture, a slight touch of the ripple filter to give an all-over waviness, KPT diffuse-anisotropic filter to soften the edges, several directions of different colored low opacity gradients to give sunset effect, then cut out a piece of the water and turned it upside down and stretched it to fit sky area, then added impasto and diffuse to sky layer and erased away where it covered the boat and details.

              Added 12/23/02: This is weird. I looked back here to find a link to this boat for the "favorites" challenge, and see this post with no picture listed now! Where did it go? Very strange we have termites? Anyway, here it is...again.

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                Last Chance

                Great job Phyllis. I like it a lot! I will be trying out your methods for my education
                The Paint-engine is a plug in for PS but
                I don't recall where I got it. When/if I do I will post it here.


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                  Paint Engine

                  (almost) Everything you ever wanted to know about Paint Engine can be found in this scintillating thread.

                  IMHO it's the best "free" photo-art plugin on the web.

                  Carefully read the "read me" about where to place the .ini file. That's where the canned presets live.



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                    Thanks Danny. I hoped someone with a better memory than me would speak up I hope you find it Phyllis. I believe, now that I think on it, that I got it through a tip somewhere on this site. Is this a great site or what?


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                      Not for Macs

                      Thanks for the info, Danny. Turns out though that Paint Engine is just made for Windows. At least that's all I found on their site. Anyone know of good packages like it for Macs?



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                        I created a new thread in the Photo-Art general forum to give your question more visibility.

                        To my knowledge PE is a Windows-only plugin. Sorry 'bout that.



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                          Nice job Phyllis. I'll try some of your techniques.

                          Danny thanks for the link to Paint Engine. I can't believe it's still free.


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                            Some great entries so far, love your first one Woody and I really like the Icicle look Well done everyone so far, whats next?


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                              A darker feeling came to me when I saw the words "Last Chance" --

                              I distorted the image with the Pinch filter, did the Ink outlines and then faded the effect to taste, solarized to get the ominous copper sky, and ran another ink outline/fade.
                              (I think I may have overdone it and lost the image of the boat..., but it was fun, and THAT'S the MAIN rule!)
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