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PHOTO ART: Mini-Challenge #23 - Reed Point Marina

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    You got a surreal effect alright...pretty colors...not silly at all
    tom c


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      Beautiful colours, Phyllis, and I really like what you've done with the water. And I've made a mental note to try playing with the anisotropic filter in future...



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        Phyllis ... WOW !!!

        At the end of the day ... beautiful ... I wish I had your vision.



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          2nd silly entry

          Tom c
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            Again, an especially nice job on this one.

            Your version gave me a very relaxed feeling. Subtle application of effects comes across well.

            Your eye catching colors are simply vibrant as well as striking.

            You devil you! The 'Showoff' was cute. Reminded me in my (considerably) younger days. You outdid yourself with "The Squid." Exceptional work with the above/below water effect.

            The texturing / oil-painting look really works in your rendition.

            Just gorgeous work on the sky and capturing the reflection in the water.

            - - - - - - -
            Since you may not know how much I enjoy looking through th images you create, let me tell you again: It's Great! YOU ARE AWESOME!



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              I started out trying to imitate VE's amazing effect but ended up with something entirely diffrent. I put a pencil-sketch layer on top of a blurred original, set to value. Or something like that.
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                I really liked the lines in this photo. I used the impressionist filter again, but the general results could be duplicated with a number of plug-ins or native photoshop filters.

                1. Make 5 duplicates of the original
                2. Turn off all but the bottom copy.
                3. On the bottom copy run a filter that gives you a very vague shape (blobs of the right color in the right area).
                4. On the next layer up, find a filter that gives you a more defined shape, but still vague (edges are starting to show but no detail--shapes are still loose)
                5. On the next layer up, pick a filter that only gives mild distortion. You want to be able to recognize what you're looking at--still no real detail.
                You have 2 copies left at the top at this point.
                6. On the next to the top copy, I like Filter--Stylize--Find Edges. Try it in color first, but it may be better desaturated.
                7. On the top layer I like the soft gaussian blur sketch.
                a) desaturate
                b) duplicate
                c) invert top copy--set blending mode to color dodge
                d) Filter--blur--gaussian blur (4-6)
                e) merge down and duplicate
                f) set blending mode to multiply and run gaussian blur again (4-6)
                g) merge down

                General notes: On the color layers I usually use blending modes to mix the layers--most often soft light or overlay. I do sometimes reduce the opacity of a layer--just to taste.
                On the sketch layers I usually try all the blending modes to see what appeals. I also usually use the top 2 layers at either 100% or 33%--rarely in between. It depends on if I want a hard or a soft look.
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                  Watercolor on textured matte.

                  Used Impressionist and Flaming Pear's Zephyr filters to create much of the effect that you see. Other steps are too numerous and subtle to outline here.
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                    Ikroll, you are doing some nice work. I really like the light, artistic effect that you have done on this piece.



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                      Thanks Cathy.

                      You know that I try to only use layer properties and filters (that's the challenge to me; let the computer do all the work; I'm just the puppet master), but I did have to do some selective erasing and smudging. Usually this is the case. I will, hopfully soon, get a Wacom and learn how to really smudge.


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                        Re: PHOTO ART: Mini-Challenge #23 - Reed Point Marina

                        Loads going on here, There's definitely a bas relief overlay, a texture and obviously a frame added. Like LK I used Zephyr, to add some colour effects to the sky, that didn't turn out as I liked, I could not get the reflections in the water to look right, so blended it with Luminosity, this added some more depth.

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                          Re: PHOTO ART: Mini-Challenge #23 - Reed Point Mar

                          I'm a sucker for anything involving water and boats. Here's an oldie to play with.

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                            Re: PHOTO ART: Mini-Challenge #23 - Reed Point Mar

                            Hi Danny
                            It's been quite few years ago that I was here.
                            Browsing thru the challenges ,I
                            was sure I did a couple.Going back into my
                            saved graphics I found mini challenge 23....don't know why it didn't show up in P A archives....maybe I just couldn't find it,it has been a while.
                            Any way I up dated it a little and if I can remember how,I will try posting it.
                            tom c
                            Got a updated avatar but haven't found how to upload?
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                              Re: PHOTO ART: Mini-Challenge #23 - Reed Point Mar

                              Enjoyed the animation Tom. lol


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