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PHOTO ART: Mini-Challenge #55 – Steinhatchee Harbor

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  • PHOTO ART: Mini-Challenge #55 – Steinhatchee Harbor

    Forgive the brevity. I've got the flu. I'll populate this post with the traditional verbiage tomorrow.

    Picture by Trimoon (Steve LeQuier).
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    here's my try at this one:
    It's kinda a combination of watercolor and sketch techniques (plus some experimenting with the art history brush etc.)

    - David
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      here's a second version, this was before I had added the watercolor effect, and I added a curves adjustment.

      - David
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        Morning David..

        Really like the second one, morning mist appears to be just
        clearing.... How do you get those edges, they really set off this


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          David, I like the first one, with the watercolor effect...nice job. I agree with Goldcoin about the edge treatment...perfect touch.



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            Thanks, both of you. the edge just kind of happened the way it did, from the when I was erasing away the white layer to get the brush stroke and misty effect.

            - David


            • #7
              my votes the first one

              I really like the subtle nature of the first one, very well done.


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                Well, David you are "two for two".....

                Chuck.... That came out super.... Very defined, great color. Nice.


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                  The Big Storm

                  Nice job David I like the first as well. MIsty is perfect for that shot.

                  Chuck. I loved the coloration.

                  Well whenb I saw it I thought of the big storm.

                  I made Rain in textures.

                  And rought water in Liquify.

                  I lassoed the boat flipped it and made a Sail.
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                  • #10
                    Chuck, really nice job on the sketch technique. But I think you might want either to saturate it more, or desaturate it completely for a b/w sketch. Right now it's somewhere inbetween and my visual cortex can't decide which way to go with it...makes me nervous.

                    Phil, clever pseudo-storm look. Very stylized...could catch on in the art world and bring millions.

                    I too thought that that wide expanse of empty water needed something, so I changed the perspective and stretched it vertically as well, to give it depth so that I could add my daughter and her friends rafting up front. Wheeeeeee....

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                    • #11
                      Tidal basin!

                      Think I'm going senile!
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                        Phyliss, great idea, I had a rafting pic but did not think of it. WAs that a dig, ha ha. I could not figur how to make waves, Oh well.

                        Frank, I think that makes two of us. The river runs dry.


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                          Frank, one word--brilliant!



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                            Tried all kinds of things on this one and pretty much didn't like any of them. This one is underpainting on the bottom layer with Find Edges on the top layer.
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                              Steinhatchee Harbor

                              Steinhatchee Harbor
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