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PHOTO ART: Mini-challenge #84 – Model A Truck

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  • PHOTO ART: Mini-challenge #84 – Model A Truck

    Click here for "Information and Guidelines."

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    PHOTO ART: Mini-challenge #84 – Model A Truck

    Here’s another “mini-challenge” to play with in the Photo-based Art category until the next major challenge is posted here.

    The base image can be downloaded by clicking the link below the photo description.

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    I ran across this image the other day while surfing at It's a Model A Ford truck (cira 1920s I think) put out to pasture in all places on the island of Maui, Hawaii. Nice place to retire, huh? This treasure was snapped by Kudbegud, one of the local residents.

    This rig brought back fond memories for me: My dad used to restore Model-A's when I was a youngin'. He'd buy two or three at a time and munge the parts of many into a single, running car.

    One day I had the misfortune of excercising extremely poor judgment by ignoring his directive to "Not play baseball around my cars." My first 'pitch' to my brother promptly crashed through the windshield he'd recently installed after weeks of junkyard surfing, turning antique windshield glass into zillions of little pieces. Dad was not pleased.

    The fond memories came weeks later after he found another windshied and finally got that Model-A running. Riding in the "rumble seat" with your brother, laughing your brains out under sunny, not yet polluted Los Angeles skies is a pretty neat way to tool around town.

    Enough of that. Let's see you tool around with this pic.

    A BIG thanks to Kudbegud, for allowing me to post this golden nugget.


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    Kudbegud retains the U.S. and international copyright © not only for the original image, but also for any photo-art versions of it. Unauthorized distribution or use of this image without permission are prohibited.

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    This version came about as a result of running two David Rowley based actions, Hayes Island and Cardiff Bay and merging (by layer mask) the results.

    In the next few days I'll summarize in detail how I did this in a separate thread.




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      Danny, your dad's hobby sounds like a lot of fun. Did you inherit any of his restored vehicles?

      On this one I used buzzpro simplifier with an outline overlaid.



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        Nothin' pretty about it!

        Nothin' pretty about abandonment, even it is in Hawaii!

        Here I tried to make it look like cobwebs and vines had overtaken the poor old thing. To get the cobweb effect I used KPT6 materializer set to negative numbers, then duped it and overlaid in screen mode to emphasize the webs/vines and also replace the bright colors with dreary neutrals.



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          I wanted to try and emphasize the car more and the jungle less. Textured oils, copied and blurred and st to overlay (I think). Then some KPT Equalizer to emphasize the car even more.
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            Phyllis - Both your renditions are beautiful. But "Cobwebs" is incredible, really gorgeous. I especially love the colors, they set the mood here perfectly. In a larger format it must be astounding. Excellent, excellent, excellent!

            Blackknight- I can't see your image. Maybe it didn't upload properly, or did you take it away?



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              It was there for me just a minute ago when i checked. I heard on the news that we're on a higher terrorist alert now, so maybe it's terrorists...

              I just reloaded it - see if you can see it now.

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                Blacknight - I can see it! It's beautiful. I really like the rich texture you achieved, and the lighting is great. Looks like a dark overcast day just before a storm. Great job.



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                  This one is fun

                  1.Filter> Noise> Median (radius 3)
                  2.Grayscale- using Image> Adjustment> ChannlMixer (Check the Monochrome Box)
                  3. Using Image> Adjustment> Brightness/Contrast (Adjust to my liking)
                  4. Paint in new color on new layers, blending mode set at color burn
                  5. Add texture

                  Model-A No 1B

                  Model-A No 2B

                  Model-A No 3B


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                    Nope...Dad never kept any his rigs. He'd piece them together, then somebody would offer him a ton of $$ and he's start over.

                    Nice work on yours; especially like the cobweb effect.

                    - - - - - - -

                    Very impressive results via "Trimoon's Median Texture" method. Did you use an Adobe texture (which one?) or another source?

                    - - - - - - -

                    Yours turned out great. Just oustanding.


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                      Danny, the outlining in your pic emphasizes the rust and dents on the old car...very effective.

                      Steve, especially like the first one with the touches of color...very effective on this particular subject.

                      BK, that texture looks great on the car...really adds to the mood.

                      Pam, thanks for the nice words. I agree that this picture, my rendition or another, would be great for printing and framing. It's just a great image that speaks to us in different ways. I recall a very similar old truck parked on my grandma's farm as a child.



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                        I'm not worthy

                        Each submission here is completly amazing !!! I love this group and hope to someday be as good as you guys



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                          Nice paint job, did you do it? What program? As for your attic find, yep, this is just the sort of old photo that would be in the attic! Coincidentally, here is one I found in MY attic...not a photo, but a crayon drawing I made of Grandpa's car when I was a kid.

                          I used my abstract method then desaturated and inverted it and blended it with darken mode over a buzzpro simplified version of the pic. Then I ran the rough pastels filter. Last I made a brush that looks something like the lines generated by rough pastels and used it to touch up some areas that were outline headlights, for example.



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                            Danny you brought back Madras. NIce touch

                            Phyliss how did you do the cob webs realistic.

                            Very nice Blacknight.

                            Trimon, three in one shot but I really like no three.

                            Chuck love the painted action.

                            Well I have been obcessed with challanges, it drove me crazy that I could nort get there faces right. Oh well Hey Phyliss look at my verey last one its not green.

                            Any way I tried to restore the truck and it looked great, but its not Photo art so I did a Hippie paint job and and acid background. Ha Ha.


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                              Did you get the license number?

                              Used a blur, distort, noise. Did layers on the headlights and added a lens flare added noise. Layered in the license plate from the original picture. Had a great time with this photo. I love old trucks!


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