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PHOTO ART: Mini-challenge #94 – Hold the Phone

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  • PHOTO ART: Mini-challenge #94 – Hold the Phone

    Click here for "Information and Guidelines."

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    PHOTO ART: Mini-challenge #94 – Hold the Phone

    Here’s another “mini-challenge” to play with in the Photo-based Art category until the next major challenge is posted here.

    The base image can be downloaded by clicking the link below the photo description.

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    Danny found this great portrait by photographer Paula J. Garner, who titled it “Hold the Phone.”


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    Paula J. Garner retains the U.S. and international copyright © not only for the original image, but also for any photo-art versions of it. Unauthorized distribution or use of this image without permission are prohibited.
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    The jpeg artifacts make it a bit tricky to get an outline sketch, so I chose a technique that would cover them up and turned it into a portrait in oils...sort of. I used a few layers of the frosted glass filter with different blend modes and an embossed sandpaper pattern layer on top of the heap.

    I think this picture would be well-suited to a smudge-brush painting treatment, but I'm feeling a bit too lazy for that just now. I'm sure someone will be up to the task though!

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      Phyllis - great picture and look
      Tried to do a sketch and got jpeg artifacted to death! So I used PSP to emboss and then overlay that with a low opacity original layer.

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        Phyllis - Lovely lighting and I like the soft glow you gave it.

        Bubba - Very unusual, I really like the different textures going on in this.

        When I saw this, I thought of an Old Master's painting...but darn that phone I started with smart blur, added some lighting effects and color, and ended up here...


        Oops, posted the "almost-ready-but-not-quite" version by mistake...
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          Sort of a sketch...
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            Bubba, I really like that look...very creative and very well with this picture.

            Pam, lovely soft look...I like this a lot!

            BK, very Goth! Creative and effective...a bit creepy in its cold roughness...deathlike.

            Here is another attempt at an oil painting look. Tthis one is done with high pass filter, unsharp mask, anisotropic diffuse, assorted blend modes, and a Van Gogh brushstroke pattern layer.

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              Great picture to play with..

              Phyllis.. both really good painting effects..Like the second best..

              Pam.. VERY pretty..I love the soft feel that you gave it..

              Bubba..Great texture..looks like exterior wall art..

              BK..Nice version..Really like it..

              I just had to play with this one..It had illustration written all over it..Used a bunch of filters like film grain,accented edges, dc edjer, watercolor, sprayed strokes..Faded everything as I went..merged, and copied layer..Played with blend modes I think I ended up with soft light and adjusted opacity..Really lost track on this one..

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                Phyllis - love that sandpaper texture and your second one, the brush strokes really add to the painted effect

                bubba - neat embossed technique

                Pam - what a rich oil painting look

                Blacknite - very nice texture effect

                Jerry - a perfect magazine cover for the vintage photo with the painted effect

                i saw this as an old photo so i wanted to go with that theme. i cant believe i actually wrote down what i did

                1) ran aged photo filter for lines and grain and slight sepia tone
                2) added frosted edge, black
                3) added xero's porcelain filter
                4) almathera halo, white, 15 width, 65% opacity
                5) upped saturation +38 to bring up her color
                6) saved at 55% jpg quality
                7) added a drop shadow and frame, saved
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                  Here's my try at an oil using Painter 7...
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                  • #10
                    ...and a watercolor using the Slap-Dash2 action.

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                      Jerry, very very clever! Love it!

                      Kudbegud, you succeeded beautifully in making this look like an old photo...very realistic.

                      Jim, both painting styles turned out great...can't decide between them.

                      She is wearing a furry coat so I thought it might be cold in there, so I gave it an icy texture and cool colors.

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                      • #12
                        Nice work everybody.

                        Kudbegud, that's exactly what I had in mind for this picture but didn't know at all how to do that (I'll try your way) so I went to something else.

                        In PS7, used different layers with palette knife, dry brush, emboss, glass, hue/sat. Then, in Painter 7, used paper texture dry cracks to try to make it looks like an old painting.
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                          WOW. Everybody's got a different take on this picture and everybody work is effective.

                          Here's an impressionist's point of view. But I don't think there were telephones then. Definitely not a yellow one. I have Photoshop 7 to clone out the phone. Moved her right hand close to her face and dropped herleft hand on the table. Now she's just waiting for the phone to come. Using Impressionist cloner in Painter 6, I ended up with this image.

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                            Nice work, Tony. And I like the look she has now.


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                              On the phone

                              I had a great time looking at everyones entries. This was a great picture to work with so much that could be done!
                              Phyllis great oil outcome.
                              Bubba Lots of attitude! I really like your submission
                              Pam very warm colors
                              Blacknight Wonderful you captured an attitude also.
                              Jerry very creative wish I thought of it!
                              Angue Great work I like wondering what she is waiting for.
                              Kudbegud Like the color and boarder.

                              I used color select to enhance the phone, lace table cover, and her skirt. Blur, GE embossed, and light effect.

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