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PHOTO ART: Mini-challenge #140 – Steam Engine

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  • PHOTO ART: Mini-challenge #140 – Steam Engine


    New guidelines (subject to fine tuning):
    * For each mini-challenge, post up to two (2) interpretations with attached images of your interpretation(s). ## SEE BELOW.

    * For each include enough step-by-step detail to give someone a reasonable chance to recreate (or approximate) your results. That way all of us can learn from each other. Obviously it’s impossible to explain things like “individual brush strokes,” but do include such details as filters used, plugins used, blend mode detail, etc.

    * Preferred format:

    on individual steps vs. writing it out in paragraphs. Step-by-step is easier for newbies to follow.

    * If you used a technique or tutorial described elsewhere, include a link it if possible.

    * You may include an additional post with a screenshot of your Layers Palette if that’s easier than writing out the details.

    * If you used one or more Photoshop actions, you can .zip the action set and attach in an additional post or refer to the download site, with the applicable action set name.

    Focus on quality, not quantity – and sharing your techniques. Unique and/or creative writeups will be preserved and noted in the "Best of Photo-art" forum.

    In addition...
    * Questions about technical matters or method clarification are welcome.

    * Compliment works you truly admire. Don't feel compelled to comment on (or feel guilty about not commenting on) every single image.

    ## If you would like to do more interpretations, here’s how to do that:
    - Post them at a public site, such as and include as many links IN A SINGLE POST as you would like.
    - If you create subsequent versions and want to include them, you can edit your own posts to add/change/delete links to outside galleries. It's not necessary to add additional posts to the thread for each link to a gallery site.

    = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = =

    PHOTO ART: Mini-challenge #140 – Steam Engine

    Here’s another “mini-challenge” to play with in the Photo-based Art category until the next major challenge is posted here.

    The base image can be downloaded by clicking the link below the legal verbiage.

    = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = =

    Don't believe we've done a train before. This should be fun.



    = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = =

    T. Divetex retains the U.S. and international copyright © not only for the original image, but also for any photo-art versions of it. Unauthorized distribution or use of this image without permission are prohibited.
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    1. Duplicate original layer
    2. Filter>Artistic>Cutout (8,4,3) Opacity= 83% Fill=69%
    3. Duplicate cutout Diffuse>Anisotropic
    4. GE Emboss Relief=3
    5. Add Oil Texture Opacity= 59% Fill= 75%
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      Another fun pic. Thanks to the photographer.

      Looks like I'm building a new favorite technique for the week. One of the things I like about listing my steps here is that I have a place to find them again when I lose my notes.

      This was an experiment, so my steps are a little wobbly.

      1. Made several duplicate layers of the background.
      2. For the 2 lowest layers, I used fantastic machines paint engine. The presets were Leroy and Temp3D. I played around with opacity and blending modes until I liked the look.
      3. Next layer up, was DCSpecial's outliner4 in colorbook mode. Played with the blending on that one (I'm pretty sure either soft light or overlay)
      4. Merged all to a new layer.
      5. Ran Flaming Pear's Melancholytron on the merged layer.
      6. Top layer was a clean copy of the original. Desaturate and find edges. Color Burn at 33%

      7. Almost forgot. Adjusted hue and saturation to reduce the blue in the sky. I wanted an old, faded feel.

      Fantastic Machine Paint Engine and DCSpecial are freebies. The links are in my post for mini-challenge 138.
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        RE: GE emboss 3...
        I'm having brain lock...GE stands for?
        - - - - - - -

        Had to chuckle when I discovered I, too, have a Leroy and Temp 3D Paint Engine presets! (LOL) I thought they had to be custom settings.
        - - - - - - -

        Are ALL those settings for the Lacquer filter?

        You may had answered this in another post (and I missed it): When you're creating, do you do it pretty much on a single layer?

        - - - - - - -

        Went for kind of a sketchy, old-time look...
        (CORRECTED 7/13/03)

        1. Set foreground and background colors to the default values (press D key).

        2. Background: Image > Adjustments > Desaturate

        3. Background: Duplicate (New name: A=Colored Pencil)

        4. Layer A: Noise > Add Noise (5, monochrome, Gaussian). This gives the Colored Pencil filter to be applied in the next
        step “something to grab onto.” Otherwise “bare spots” will occur.

        5. Layer A: Apply Colored Pencil (1,15,30)

        6. Background: Copy and drag to the top of the layer stack. (New name: B=Find Edges)

        7. Layer B: Apply Stylize > Find Edges filter

        8. Layer B: Change blend mode from Normal to = Overlay

        9. Background: Copy and drag to the top of the layer stack. (New name: C. Restore Detail)

        10. Layer C: Layer > New Layer Mask > Hide All

        11. Choose a chalk or textured brush. Airbrush option on. Flow and opacity = 30%-40% or so (experiment).

        12. Set foreground color to white.

        13. Layer C: Paint on the layer mask to restore detail as needed, mostly in the very dark areas underneath the engine and around the wheels of the tender and passenger cars.

        14. Create a new Hue/Saturation adjustment layer at the top of the layer stack (New name: D=Sepia). Settings: 45, 27, -12.

        - - - - - - - - - - - - -

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          Excellent choo-choo Danny. Directions have been added to my folder of things to play with.

          But you have a secret I must know. How are you keeping track of the details as you go? My desk is littered with scraps of paper--most of which relate to rejects. It seems like the winner is always the one where I forgot to write it down. Spill the beans--pretty please.


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            Once again - such a good original that it is hard to do anything to reinterpret it. But I remember a challenge a long time ago featuring a vulture - where I chose to put the vulture in a more vulture-friendly environment. So that's what I did with the train...

            1. Snip, snip - away with the stand or whatever it is in the background - away with the original sky too.

            2. New layer - Substitute new background - Arizona baby.

            3. Smar blur landscape layer to be more soft than train.

            4. Saturate - curves to taste - levels - the usual. Change hue of grass to brown - sandstone texture added to grass.

            5. Smudge stick - fade to 36%

            6. Pick smoke color with eyedropper - spray paint some more smoke around to soften the selection - clone on hard edges as required.

            7. Flatten - 1 pixel Gaussian blur overall

            Again - not too far from the original - just focussing on mood and feel - not on technique.

            BTW: I am very impressed with some of the renderings in this challenge - some very neat interpetations.

            Danny: that one really rocks. You have nailed it.

            Cheryl's is definately one of my favs - it resets the mood and overall tone of the photo really well.

            Jill: cool and subtle - strangely enough my first kick at the cat looked so much like yours that I couldn't post it after seeing yours.

            The Circus train is a very nice effect - the mosaic works well.
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              Sorry Danny:

              GE is Adobe Gallery Effects, I have 1.5 ---- very, very, very old! LOL

              Very impressive submissions on this so far!


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                Buckskin Train

                Kinda cool...

                1. Edge preserving smooth
                2. Salt and pepper....default
                3. Duplicate
                4. Brush stroke
                5. Hard light
                6. Merged visible
                7. Unsharpen mask
                8. Duplicate
                9. Added Leather Texture
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                  Let me add my welcome. Great job on the detail. Much appreciated and hope to see more of your methods.

                  - - - - - - -

                  Awesome background swapout; expecially liked how you got the perspective right.

                  - - - - - - -

                  Ah... that GE. (The sound you just heard was the lightbulb coming on.)

                  After Adobe bought Aldus I believe for the most part the Gallery Effect filters were rolled into Photoshop at about ver 3.0.

                  Are results from GE Emboss significantly different than Stylize > Emboss? Could be there were duplicate effects and Adobe dropped ones it already had.

                  - - - - - - - -

                  No need to study the notes too closely. The action has already been written!

                  - - - - - - - -
                  Hey Fish:

                  Hate to admit it, but I've seen circus trains pulled by steam engines before (as in the Barnum & Bailey version). Yours brought back some old and cherished memories of watchin' trains with my dad.



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                    Derailed train

                    Danny, it is a very good photograph we got and all the renditions are very good also. After a while Iam also submitting one .

                    It was on the track but some effects pushed the train and it de-railed...

                    since other trains are mooving straight I thought my train can be out off track.
                    And Danny, Jill, Chery and all others aare also contributed well. very thanks...

                    Here is my train.. a derailed one..
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                      Look like a very interesting technique.

                      ==> Tell us the best you can the steps you used so others can "derail" their own train.

                      Very creative. Thank you for joining us.



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                        I like it! One thing I thought about the original picture was that it lacked motion. Though you call it derailed, for me, it is a train that is pulling a heavy load. Almost as though the train is alive and struggling down the track. Very cool!


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                          Danny very sorry, I thought it was simple to every one to recognize the effects, because this is very usual and easy to blend it . and many of our members were handled it very cleverly.
                          In my duplicate layer I simply used >Filter>Distort>Pinch -26. and again Filter>Artistic>Cutout (I often used to play with iit ) It is a kind of laizy and easy way of work....

                          Danny many thanks.

                          And t_crisp,this is very fantastic observation and you hooked it into your way and to your taste. very interesting. There is the duity of Art done the job creatively and eastheticaly....
                          and I like the texture and treatments in your work and it is very interesting..

                          thank you very much...




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                            Inspired by Danny's Find Edges technique (see I tried the following

                            1) Dupe Background
                            2) Desaturate background copy
                            3) Filter>Stylise>Find Edges
                            4) Used Levels to increase contrast
                            5) Set Opacity to 50%
                            6) Merged Layers
                            7) Adjusted Levels
                            8) Adjusted saturation
                            9) Duped layer then removed everything except the engine
                            10) Used Blur>Motion Blur to taste
                            11) Added some smoke on a blank layer
                            12) Made a second blank layer and filled it with white then temprarily set the Opacity to about 50% so I could see the picture underneath
                            13) Used the Lassoo tool to draw an irregular shape around the engine, including a little of the scenery (set feather to 50px)
                            14) Reset the Opacity on the white layer back to 100%


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                              Well I thought I'd added my picture - try again


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