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Tutorial: Woodcut / Engraving method

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  • Tutorial: Woodcut / Engraving method

    Stumbled on a link to a very sophisticated woodcut / engraving technique.

    Scroll almost to the bottom of page 1 to see the author's description of his method. He describes it in general terms, but if nothing else, the concept is facinating. (Note: The person signing his/her posts as }Raphaal{ in this thread isn't me.)

    Though not exclusively a Photo to Art site, this
    link goes to the site the author mentions as his inspiration.


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    You know Danny that Mark is a Retouchpro member.



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      No, I wasn't aware he's a member. Hope he pops over to this forum to share some more of his methods.

      I thought the results of this particular technique were especially stunning.


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