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Tutorial: Virtual Painter + PS Calculations

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  • Tutorial: Virtual Painter + PS Calculations

    Photoshop 7 notes are great. You can attach the note to the image and document every step you took to get to the finished image.

    1. Virtual Painter's color pencil filter - save
    2. Image-Adjust-Calculations 0% green (use the channel that looks best) channel - save as new document
    3. select all new document and copy
    4. paste onto color pencil and fade to 55% (this will vary with each image) - flatten and save

    The color pencil really saturates the colors. This technique will mute the colors depending on how much you fade the black and white copy.

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    This is a very unique method, Lynda. I've not seen calculations used to create a new image (less the green channel) and then paste the results back into the original image.

    1. When you do the paste, do you do it (literally) in the Colored Pencil layer (and the Fade tones it down, re-revealing the CP image) or is another layer created on top of the CP layer?

    2. Would you share your thoughts/criteria for deciding which channel(s) stay/go when using calculations?

    Also, if you could post a "before" image for comparison purposes, that would give us an opportunity to further appreciate the results!




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      Danny this is the original image.
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        This is the VP color pencil.

        I paste the black and white image on top of the color and use the slider in layers to change the opacity to allow the color to come through.

        I sometimes use Calculations to change color to black & white. I choose the channel with the least noise. It is usually the green, but it depends on the image.

        I hope this answers your questions. If not I will be happy to try again.

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