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Volume 2 of Pencil Pixel Actions

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  • mistermonday
    Re: Volume 2 of Pencil Pixel Actions

    These are nice, Bob. Thanks for the link.
    Regards, Murray

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  • Bob Mc
    started a topic Volume 2 of Pencil Pixel Actions

    Volume 2 of Pencil Pixel Actions

    I just looked at the Pencil Pixel's web site and found that they have released Volume 2 of some artistic actions.

    I'm a big fan of several of their volume 1 actions and there are some nice capabilities in Vol 2 as well.

    They have also announced several smaller and less expensive packages of related actions that may interest you.

    Since actions can't be safeguarded, Pencil Pixels doesn't provide any on a trial basis - but if you want to try one out the folks at Pencil Pixels will take one of your photos (you have to send it to them first) apply the action you request and return it to you. They have a very quick turnaround time

    I believe it's worth a look - and perhaps a trial


    Bob Mc