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Tutorial: Stained Glass using Paint Shop Pro PSP

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  • Tutorial: Stained Glass using Paint Shop Pro PSP

    [Thread original subject: "Stained Again, Glass that is!" changed by moderator to promote more focused discussion and promote more effective searches.]

    I am easily influenced by images that I run across, and you all saw the first post on stained glass, but I was not done with the subject and have been working on this image since our last conversations. This tiger was based on other images I saw but is original. I have about six different versions of this darn cat. I started out with a drawing in black of the frame(redrawn several times) widened and narrowed the lines first in PSP but later in PS7 because it's line quality seems better. then I made tiles or patterns of glass from Spectrum, (great site).

    I did the filling of the spaces in PSP because I know how.

    These were changed and redesigned a few times also. In PSP you can rotate the patterns to get a different orintation for your design. If you put each color on a different layer, you can later change the opacity too. My design for the tiger is not 100% Kosher as far as stained glass convention goes, cause I didn't always have a sewter or boarder( I don't care, it's digital art).
    When I got all the elements looking pretty good, I had a friend give a critique and was told the sewters needed to be bolder, but how? So I got out DeepPaint a proggy I hardly ever use, but that has a very good paint engine, and used a Bump Brush, which is a brush that gives a 3D look to a 2D work. It did, and I was done. It's not perfect, but it's ok.
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    My design for the tiger is not 100% Kosher as far as stained glass convention goes...
    Kosher, dill, sweet, bread-n-butter... - makes no difference.

    This is exceptional work, Greg, and a welcome addition to the forum.

    You mentioned the "Spectrum" site... can you post a URL for those who want to know.

    Also, if you wouldn't mind, share a little (or a lot) of your PSP technique(s) for the texturing of the glass pieces.

    Thanks much.



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      I've heard this and quoted it many times in the art world.
      To the artist, it's never done, and I know a lot of folks have the problem that they can't decide when it's done. Well I just noticed that I forgot something on this so, Sat. I would like to fix and resubmit it. What did I forget?


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        Originally posted by fugitive
        What did I forget?
        The grass on the right? This is really incredible work, but I just wonder about that grass - not outlined with sewter at all, looks a little out of place.


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            Uhhh - It looks like a couple of incomplete fills to the right of the lion's face? (i.e., bad masking?)


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              Not what i was thinking but yes, that is one. You know, I'm guilty of premature posting.


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                Well then, I give up.

                I'm majorly guilty of premature posting as well. But sometimes that allows for feedback that helps improve the image that you wouldn't have thought of otherwise.



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                  Thank you for being kind, but to me, I screwed up.


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                    Originally posted by jeaniesa
                    Well then, I give up.

                    Jeanie: I posted the redo, it has about 4 changes.


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                      Now how am I supposed to compare it to your first version if you took it down?

                      Seriously, it might help the rest of us learn if you keep your "mistakes" up so that we can see the progression. I just went for a hike, so I don't have a clear memory of the first version any more - and I honestly don't recognize a change.

                      Regardless, I still think this is exceptional work!



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                        Thanks, but I think it's fairly mediocre. I didn't know it would replace the other one, I thought it would add the new one. To me it will never be done.
                        Here it is with arrows, and also forgot sig.
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                          Here's some of the image evolution, but some are gone.
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                            I found this website and thought it might be of interest on this thread.



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                              Your tiger looks sooo cool. I did a stained glass image once from a tutorial a long time ago but nothing so intricate. Love how the grass turned out.

                              Thanks for the link. I didn't have that one in my collection. Have to check it out.


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