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Anyone used Sketch Matrix, Akvis or Sketch Master?

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  • Anyone used Sketch Matrix, Akvis or Sketch Master?

    I have not seen any reviews of sketch matrix. I am considering sketch matrix,
    sketch master and akvis. Any help?

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    re: Anyone used Sketch Matrix, Akvis or Sketch Master?

    Until you asked I'd never heard of Sketch Matrix. Surfed the net; finally found it. ( I was not terribly impressed by what I saw.

    If you're willing to spend $60 for Sketch Matrix, I'd seriously consider spending a little more and go first class with Akvis Sketch. Excellent plugin. See review for first version here:

    It's been updated many times since then. Now at ver 10.1. It's a plugin, so it can be used with Photoshop, Elements, Corel Painter, etc.

    Re: Sketch Master

    This one:
    (never heard of it; again, not impressed with what I saw/read)

    ...or the Redfield plugin?

    The Redfield plugin has a lot of options. I have it, but use it very, very seldom. It's O.K., but nothing to rave about. The examples in my opinion look better than what one can get under normal circumstances.

    Definitely download/try Akvis Sketch. The rest? Redfield perhaps. The other two? Probably not.

    The 'outline' capabilities (similar to a Find Edges filter common to most programs) of Topaz Simplify are very impressive, plus it does some pretty neat arty effects making this an attractive possibility. I would recommend a look-see on this one, too.

    Hope this helps. Welcome to RetouchPro.
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