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Tutorial: Sketch, Lynda Logan method #2 (Sepia tone)

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  • Tutorial: Sketch, Lynda Logan method #2 (Sepia tone)

    [Scroll down a ways... Lynda spells out her step-by-step method a few posts down. - DannyR]

    Meet my Granddaughter, Hope.


    If there is anyone that needs to know how to do a sketch, I will be happy to add more detail.
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    Beautiful! Please do add more detail.


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      Very beautiful! I want to learn how to sketch.


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        Here are the detailed instructions. Please let me know if you have any problems or comments.

        To Make a Sketch:

        1. get your image ready - unsharp mask, curves, levels, what ever is necessary to have a good image.
        2. make duplicate copy, duplicate layer
        3. Image/Adjustments/Invert
        4. Mode/Grayscale - don't flatten
        5. On your layers menu change the blend mode to Color Dodge
        6. Filter/blur/Gaussian Blur - adjust so you can see the sketch come through
        7. Flatten image
        8. Image/Adjustments/Brightness-Contrast (just to darken the sketch slightly.

        That is how I do my sketches. The rest of this effect is as follows:

        9. Duplicate layer
        10. Filter/Stylize/Find Edges
        11. Filter/Stylize/Emboss - adjust to your liking. I used angle-135, height- 2, amount 186
        12. In layers change the blend mode to overlay and flatten

        Sepia Tone:

        13. Image/Mode/RGB
        14. Duplicate layer
        15. Image/Hue-Saturation-I used hue-40, saturation-20 and adjusted the lightness.
        16. set foreground color to R-246, G-244, B-243 and fill layer
        17. Adjust blending mode in layers to Multiply
        18. Flatten

        Here is a little hint that is very useful for me. When I am working on an image I use the Notes tool in PS7 to keep track of what I am doing. Then to make a tutorial all I have to do is edit it a little cut and paste it into the forum.


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          Beautiful sketch and thankyou for sharing the details. I am trying your technique even as we speak on a landscape..



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            Thank you for the tutorial! I can't wait to try it!


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              Thanks for posting how you make your sketches... I gave it a try and here's the result, my granddaughter Makayla.

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                Here is my attempt at Lynda's technique- a picture of my aunt Beth.

                I checked out your gallery and love your oil paintings. Maybe you could post a tutorial on that technique as well. Thanks!
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                  I used your sketch procedure to produce a background for the village picture in the photoart forum..Attached is the sketch that I used. I then tried hand tinting it..

                  thanks again for the help.
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                    Wonderful thread. Great to see so much interest. Like DJ said, great results from those who apply your instructions confirm they were very clear.

                    Question on step 12: "In layers change the blend mode to overlay and flatten"

                    In the "Hope sketch," did you by chance lower the opacity on the Emboss layer? Seems a little of the Emboss effect goes a long ways.



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                      On step 12. I didn't fade the embos on this image, but I have had to fade it on others using this technique. I think it just depends on the image.


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                        Lynda I love this technique, here's another try with a picture of my baby, Motley.

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                          Meet Big Boy. My blue eyed baby.
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                            Ken and Lynda, I love your cat sketches. Doing a close up is a nice change from the usual and it provides an opportunity to really emphasize the fur. And I love the soft beige coloring. Gotta remember these ideas!



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                              Okay, I just had to include my cat, too. This technique is so much fun!

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