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Tutorial: Buzz, BuzzPRO manipulated image

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  • Tutorial: Buzz, BuzzPRO manipulated image

    The steps Lynda used to generate this effect are about 4 posts below. - DannyR

    - - - - - - - - -

    I used buzzPro and the difference blending mode to acheive this effect.

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    Cool effect. It makes me think of flowers on ice.


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      Love that Buzz!

      To recap is this what you did?

      1. Original layer: Run Buzz
      2. Original layer: Duplicate layer (Copy of Original)
      3. Copy of Original: Changed blend to Difference?

      Did I get that right?

      Thanks for sharing...


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        Close, but no cigar. Here is a little tutorial for this effect.

        1. Convert image to black and white. You will need good contrast for this effect.
        2. Duplicate Background Layer and label it Mono Edges.
        3. Run buzz Mono Edges filter.
        4. Use Levels to remove all but the edges. (Looks like a sketch)
        5. Duplicate Mono Edges layer and label it Spread Black.
        6. Run buzz Spread Black filter – I used a setting of 6.
        7. Invert Spread Black layer
        8. Hide the Black and White background layer & flatten & discard hidden layer.
        9. Save Image as Mono Lines.
        10. Select/All – Edit/Copy
        11. Open original image.
        12. Edit/Paste Mono Lines image onto your original image.
        13. Use Difference layers blending mode.
        14. Flatten and save your new buzzed image.


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          Hey, I only left out 93% of the essential steps!

          Thanks for fleshing this out. For those new to Buzz it will provide a clear-to-read roadmap for experimenting.


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            Thanks for the steps. A nice effect, easily modifid by using different blending modes and various levels of opacity.

            I'm very pleased to have discovered this forum through dpreview, thanks to all for your contributions!



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              Hey Marlene,
              Welcome to Retouch Pro.


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                There are so many talented people in this forum. You will learn a lot. I hope you learn as much here as I have.


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                  Thanks for the warm welcome

                  Thanks for the warm welcome. I forgot to add the link to my website on my first post. You can get an idea about what sort of work I do, however, I am ever changing.

                  Thanks again,



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                    I love your work. You have some awesome images on your site.

                    I am not a professional photographer, just a very passionate amateur. All my work is done with a Nikon Coolpix 990 or a Coolpix 5000. My husband gave me my first digital camera 6 years ago and it sparked my love for photography.


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                      In 6 years you've certainly come a long way. You're work is wonderful and your knowledge of Photoshop shines in your images.

                      My first digital camera was the Nikon Coolpix 950, before that I did the scanning thing. A little over a year ago I bought an Olympus E-10.

                      In my, winter, spare time....ha ha....I teach digital photography & Photoshop classes. I, personally, am still learning Photoshop, even after many years of study. Thanks to talented folks such as yourself, the learning process has speeded up and become even more fun.

                      Always looking forward to your image posts.



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                        Thank you. You have made my day. I still feel like such a novice with the camera and Photoshop. Everyday and every image is a learning experience. The people here have taught me a lot. This is a great place.


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                          Really Impressed

                          Hi everyone.
                          I just joined this forum last month and I am very impressed with all the material and information on it.
                          I am 77 years old and just started using Photoshop about a year ago.
                          It was after my wife died and I needed something to keep my mind active and fill my time in.
                          I went onto your website Lynda and those images are terrific, you must be a world traveller!
                          I was really impressed by your Photoart section, would you mind letting me know if they were done in Photoshop or did you use special software like PhotoArtMaster?
                          I have been experimenting with the Buzz Pro plug-in for photoshop, but it seems to have a pretty steep learning curve.
                          My working life was spent sailing around the world as I was a merchant seaman, I very much regret not being into photography in those days.
                          Anyhow I think you are a nice bunch of people on this site and long may you carry on.