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Tutorial: Watercolor, David Kendall method

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  • Tutorial: Watercolor, David Kendall method

    Here's the steps for the new watercolor technique I've been experimenting with lately (and created an action for here)

    1. On original image, duplicate "Background" layer and click on the eyeball icon to make the layer invisible, then rename the dulicate to "Anisotropic", then apply Stylize>Diffuse>Anisotropic hit Ctrl + F to reapply the filter to get more of the effect -- optional but creates a smoother look>

    2. Duplicate "Anisotropic" layer, and rename "Find Edges" (it should automatically be above "Anisotropic", and if not, then move above it). Apply Stylize> Find Edges filter, then change blending mode to Overlay and reduce opacity to 75%

    3. Dupe "Anisotropic" layer again, and rename to "Solarize" and move above the "Find Edges" layer. Apply Stylize>Solarize filter and change blending mode to Linear Dodge and reduce opacity to 75%

    4. Dupe "Anisotropic" layer once more, and rename to "Watercolor", and move above all other layers
    Apply Artistic>Watercolor filter (Settings:
    Brush Detail = 13
    Shadow intensity = 1
    texture = 1
    these settings are what I used and found to work best for that particular photo, but it can be played around with)
    and change blending mode to Linear Dodge
    and reduce opacity to 75%

    5. Shift + Ctrl/Cmd + E or Layer>Merge visible. Thats it, finally done!!
    you can play around with settings in the watercolor layer, and the layer order to get different effects depending on the image (for example, on a portrait of a person, you'd want to use more detail then on a landscape or animal photo)
    attached is a before and after watercolor action shot of the jake and joey photo.

    - David
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    here's a second example of the effect.

    - David
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      Your examples look so tempting ... can't wait to give your new
      action a try.. thanks for thinking of us and sharing your hard work.
      I just love smooth "actions!"


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        Hey Goldcoin,

        well it wasn't much hard work, it was actually fun, I'm gonna have to start making this a regular thing! when you do give it a try, I'd love to see what you come up with (you can post it in this thread)

        - David


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          Great job! I love how the images turned out. I will have to give your technique a try as the results are really impressive!



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            Chuck nice work. I really like the second image the best. It seems much more vivid with Solarize and Find Edges turned off. With them turned on, the bench and the white trees get washed out in the highlights and the color trees just don’t look as vibrant. Very nicely done!



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              Thanks both of you!

              Chuck - very nice, my favorites are the last two, with this action, it really depends on the colors of the image for whether the find edges or solarize work on it.

              - David


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                Great lesson ..... "Never give up." Still wasn't able to
                download with Explorer, but it did work with Netscape.

                Used one of my favorite photo of days past.... Had fun the
                arranging all this ole stuff, borrowed the hobbyhorse.

                David have a winner here.
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                  Nice...after seeing the results from the postings here, I had to download and start trying on some of my (long overdue) stuff.

                  I really like how it looked on the Challenge pic Chuck.

                  LOL, once I figured out how to turn off Button mode in my Actions palette I was able to step through the Action, (man, sometimes the help doesn't help!!).

                  Anyhow, here is the first of many...without Solarize on, I kind of liked it better, and I think I liked it even more without the Find Edges, but left it on here.

                  So, once more...thanks, sure helps learning...I'll have to get to the point where I document as I go, just so I can remember how I get the results that I can create Actions someday.
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                    I must say thanks for the action, what a superb little tool!

                    Here is my effort - I had played with the picture before, the result is in my gallery.

                    This is the "after" for David's watercolour, I'll post the original in a minute.

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                      This is the original picture for reference.
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                        Goldcoin, Jeffrey, and Collin,

                        nice work, alll of you. it's interesting to see the effect on different types of photos.

                        Jeffrey - I love the expression on the cats face! great shot.

                        - David


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