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Tutorial: Stationary, creating pretty

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  • Tutorial: Stationary, creating pretty

    I learned this from Prof. Rita Botwin, she has written several PS textbooks, this came from Book 3, Photoshop 7 A Hands-on Approach

    Open an image, make the background layer 0.
    Add a layer mask to layer 0.
    Make the mask active.
    Apply filter>noise> 130%, gausian, mono.
    Apply filter>artistic>sponge 2, 12, 5.
    Add a new layer (layer 1) and place below layer 0.
    Convert layer 1 to a background layer (layer menu>new>background from layer).
    Target layer mask of layer 0 again.
    Apply filter>texture>craquelure 15, 6, 9.
    Reduce opacity of layer 0.
    To create more subdued color.
    Adjust levels input gamma 1.75.
    Output black point 75.

    Use text tool to create heading address, apply a drop shadow.

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    Here's the image

    Example Image attached. ~DannyR~
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      hi platscha-
      I looked for the author and title of the book at Amazon, but came up without a match for either search phrase. Have you any additional information I might use to search for her work? (ISBN or co-author?). I love books!
      Thanks, Debby


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        Book info

        There is no ISBN listed in the book.
        It is actually a textbook used as a instructional aide to the class.
        Her email is [email protected]

        I would not recommend buying the book unless you were taking the class.


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          platscha - thanks for sharing that "recipe" to a lovely stationary look!